summer mornings

summer mornings--Journey for JessiDespite the fact that summer usually means sleeping in late for most college students, I cannot bear the notion.  Why waste the most beautiful part of the day?  The promise of a fresh start every morning with the whole day ahead of you.  I think my body knows this and that is why I cannot sleep in past 9 am–and that is still pretty late for me.  I average around 7:30 am unless I set an alarm to go for a run.  In Houston, the day heats up pretty quickly, and if I have not hit the pavement before the sun makes its appearance, I am in trouble.

After my run or morning workout, comes another glorious part of the morning–breakfast.  For me, I am all about the fruit.  I have such a sweet tooth that I thank Heaven for fruit.  I usually make a fruit bowl consisting of whatever is in season including several varieties.

Clockwise from the top left: quartered organic strawberries and a small banana; me devouring half a sliced pineapple (I’m obsessed); a fresh nectarine with ¼ cup of organic Texas blueberries; diced cantaloupe with quartered organic strawberries.  

I try to mix it up in order to reap all the benefits and different nutrients that each fruit offers, although I am a very routine eater and could have the same thing every morning (but I don’t because I also like to be creative).  

After my fruit bowl fills me up, I make a cup of tea and infuse water to take me through the day (I usually refill my bottle four times a day).

summer mornings--Journey for Jessi

I got my water bottle for my birthday and I absolutely adore it!  For those of you that struggle with drinking plain water, or even if you love water like me, it is still so much fun to think up different natural flavors to add!

Because I wake up so early, I usually get hungry again around 11 am.  At this time, I have some nuts or another source of plant protein.  Yesterday I made a trail mix.  I love trail mixes so much.  It is difficult for me to keep them around because I know I will eat the entire thing.  What has helped me with this though (since as healthy as nuts are, they are NOT calorie/fat free),  I usually make my own mixes and portion them out into snack baggies.  This simple portion control trick Jessi taught me and it really works.  I also think of them as more of a treat, like candy, since most of them do contain little candies, dried fruits, or chocolate that is loaded with unhealthy sugars.  

Chocolate Cashew Almond Trail Mix:

♦ ¼ cup raw natural almonds

♦ ¼ cup lightly salted cashew halves & pieces

♦ sprinkle of Ghiradelli dark chocolate chips

♦ sprinkle of pomegranate-infused Ocean Spray craisins

Chocolate Cashew Almond Trail Mix



5 thoughts on “summer mornings

  1. I also can’t really “sleep in”, I love early mornings. Unfortunately my body naturally wakes up every day at 5:50-6:00 am, even on weekends :( but at least it’s sooo refreshing before the heat stumbles in. The trail mix looks yummy!


  2. I too believe that the early morning is the most beautiful time of day, sun rise and birds singing. It’s a great time to be outside, no matter what time of year.


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