green detox smoothieMy detox yesterday helped immensely.  My stomach has returned to normal today after loading it with a mish-mosh of foods on Father’s Day.  It all started with breakfast.  I woke up and immediately began drinking water.  This is extremely important when trying to flush out your body.  I filled up my water bottle about three times yesterday morning. It is also important to start your day off on the right note—meaning breakfast.  I needed fuel for my day, but something that would not upset my already-bloated stomach.  I decided on a Green Detox Smoothie.


(serves 2)

♦ 1 cup organic baby spinach

♦ 1 small banana

♦ 8 oz. brewed green tea

♦ 1 scoop Vega Smoothie Tropical Blend

♦ ½ cup ice


Blend all ingredients together.blend


 This smoothie was delicious!  It made me feel energized while not burdening my digestive system.

The remainder of my day was just as successful.  I snacked on carrots, celery, a granny smith apple, and some cantaloupe throughout the day to stay fueled up for my workout that day.

For dinner, I had a beautiful summer salad consisting of: more organic baby spinach (yum!), organic strawberries (quartered), one avocado, raw natural almonds (halved), and a sprinkle of feta cheese.  I had the dressing on the side which was a total improvisation made up of: walnut oil, white rice vinegar, and lemon juice.

strawberry spinach salad

After dinner, I went to the gym and had a GREAT session!  I thought all was going well until my mind started to wander as I settled in for the night.  Those times when I start to think too much and reality hits me.  

I thought a lot about Jessi last night.  It all started when I saw something on Pinterest and I got the urge to text her to tell her about it.  Why does my mind do this to me?  The painful realization that everything is all too real.  I would call this one of my occurring “sneak attacks,” but I brought it on myself with just minor things I remember about Jessi that I do not want to forget.  Like how much we suffered from “separation anxiety” last summer and we would cope by texting each other out-of-the-blue.  It was as if the time that elapsed in between those moments was never there and we just picked right back up where we left off.  I remember her telling me about her trip to Georgia last summer and how she went to Paula Dean’s restaurant.  I feel we were way too excited for teenagers about this, but she knew I would appreciate it with her—and I did.  I was quite jealous that she got to embark on the butter queen (as we refereed to her)’s entrées.  Or when she told me about her latest crafting endeavor: she made a maxi skirt and it was über cute.  

This summer is different though; I am lacking these small texts and it makes all the difference in the world…  I miss receiving those small rays of sunshine.  I miss her.  It is difficult being so far away and trying to cope with reality because I never associated Houston with Jessi.  It is too easy just to think that I will get to see her when I go back to school and that I just said goodbye for the summer like last year.  I think back to our blooming plan for her to fly down and visit me in Houston this summer.  I was so excited that I would get to share my past with my best friend.  The place where I grew up and shaped who I am now.  She was excited by the idea as well because I had spent time in her hometown and with her family already.  I guess now, she knows everything about me, and that she is looking down and gets to experience Houston in a way that I cannot even fathom.  

It is comforting for me to think this.  I do not need a text from her I guess because she is always with me now, as she is with all of her friends and family.  And that, is better than a mere text I would say.  I am learning these things though.  I guess that is part of my journey.  With all of my “sneak attacks” and memories, I just grow stronger.  I am learning to turn the sadness I feel when I remember Jessi into something more joyous like those small rays of sunshine that she often brought to my life.

e.e. cummings quote


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