kick-start circuit series: rotation three

rotation threeGood afternoon everyone!  Here is day three of my morning Circuit Series (if you missed day one or two find them here and here).  This one took about 10 minutes and burnt 50 calories!  The highest yet! (*calories burnt based on my body and exertion level)

Tips and Tricks for number three:

♦ Do not lean forward on the booty kicks, and kick that boo-tay! (but really…)

♦ Do not let your hips move too much

♦ Keep your back leg straight and your lunging leg at a 90° angle.  Do not let your knee track out past your toe!

♦ Do not hit the wall with your forehead… this may be a given, but you could get carried away and give yourself a bump…

Repeat three times and feel proud that you are beginning your day off right!

Now, rewinding back to yesterday before I get too far behind on my posts, I was having one of my endless-pit-of-a-stomach kind of days and felt like I could devour the entire kitchen!  So, for a snack to try to hold me over, I made a big plate of veggies including organic baby carrots, organic celery with a tablespoon of Plain Greek Yogurt, and homegrown cucumbers soaked in vinegar.

snack timeMy hunger raged on until dinner time though, it was pizza night!  I have never been a huge fan of pizza (call me crazy), but I always think it is fun to make them.  My family always buys frozen pizzas and “doctors them up” as they call it, so my mom and I went into the garden to harvest some things to fix up our plain cheese pizzas.

backyard gardeningbackyard gardening

We picked a few tomatoes, basil, peppers, and we also topped the pizzas with mushrooms, fresh mozzarella for my mom’s pizza and Go Veggie© lactose-free “cheese” for my dad and I’s pizza.  My mom “doctored” them up and put them in the oven for dinner!

veggies from the garden the "doctored up" pizzaThe round pizza is my dad and I’s Gluten and Dairy-Free Pizza and the square one is my mom’s pizza (she did not eat the whole thing do not fear).  

After dinner, surprise, I still was not satisfied and was craving chocolate.  I decided to whip something up for dessert.  I will have to make a separate post for my creation, however, because what started off as a Texas Sheet Cake, quickly turned into some Not-so-Texas-sized Chocolate Mini Cupcakes!  I thought they turned out pretty well, but I am still perfecting the recipe, so stay posted for the final draft!

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