cherry vanilla smoothie

Cherry Vanilla SmoothieI made this smoothie a couple of days ago for my post-run pick-me-up.  If you did not already know, I am a smoothie addict!  This smoothie was inspired by the fresh organic cherries I bought at the store the other day. Cherries always remind me of summer, probably because they are in season now.  If you say you do not like cherries and the only cherries you have had are those neon red Maraschino cherries… shame on you… I love cherries, but I loathe those fake ones.  I suggest you give real cherries another shot.  Why not begin with my Cherry Vanilla Smoothie?


♦ 10 pitted fresh organic cherries

♦ ½ scoop of Viva Vanilla Vega powder

♦ ½ small banana

♦ ½ cup water

♦ ¼ cup crushed ice (omit if using a frozen banana)

Blend all ingredients well in a blender.  I only made it a single serving for 135 calories.  I topped mine with a cherry and crushed walnuts.  


This smoothie held me over for a couple hours until about one o’clock.  I then sliced up a Pink Lady Apple with a tbsp of Almond Butter.

Apple and Almond ButterIt was yummy!



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