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backyard yoga--Journey for JessiI have not felt myself lately.  I have felt bogged down, stressed out, and really anxious.  I often seem to spread myself too thin, trying to accomplish many tasks in a small amount of time in order to feel successful and make sure I do not let others down.  During one of my recent chaotic clouds though, I made myself pause for a moment to ask, “Aren’t I on summer break?”  One of my biggest fears in life is not having enough time, but if I am trying to cram too many experiences in a brief period of time, won’t I miss something? The truth is, I will miss something.  I feel like I have missed a lot.  I focus a good amount of my energy devoted to the future, but what about the now?  I meditated a lot about this when I was practicing some yoga in my backyard last week.  It was after a really hectic weekend and a major bombing of my Biomedical Sciences exam.  I had forgotten what yoga can do for my mind and body. I started doing a mini morning yoga sequence when I wake up every day now (let me know if I should post this).  It really drew me back down to Earth to realize how much of my present life I was missing out on while I am frantically trying to secure a “happy” and “successful” future for myself.  That is when I decided to try to focus more on the present, because if I can follow a path that makes me happy and at peace with myself, then the journey to a happy and successful future will be more enjoyable and gratifying.

back to nature--Journey for JessiI am taking more time out of my day to do the things that make me feel at peace and truly happy.  I love being outside and in the sunshine.  I found that getting back to nature can do wonders for me.  Nature is so simple, yet so intricate all at once.   Last weekend I took the time to just walk through the park–not to think or to problem solve like I often do when I go to the park, but just to enjoy the time with my family and dogs.

walking the dog--Journey for JessiGoing to the park makes my dogs so happy.  My dogs make me happy. Dogs do not care if you are rich, poor, skinny, fat, ugly, beautiful… they just love you for loving them.  I think the world would be a better place if more people adopted that philosophy–and for that matter, adopted more dogs…

backyard tea--Journey for JessiYesterday, I sat in my backyard swing with some hot herbal tea (despite the 90° Texas weather) and just let the sun and tea warm me up from the outside in and inside out.  I think I am still not used to having air conditioner again.  I freeze in my house with it on, and the only thing that can warm me up is stepping outside for at least two whole seconds.  I thrive off the heat and sun.  I am determined to live somewhere without snow and LOTS of sunshine when I have a place to call my home.

For dinner last night, it was just my mom and I.  She cooked some chicken breast on the stove and I made a Deconstructed Veggie Burger.  This burger was actually pretty good.  I have had some questionable veggie burgers in my day, but Gardein©’s was a top pick for being both vegan and gluten-free.  All it was was just brown rice, peas, carrots, and corn chunks for the base.  I put the cooked burger on top of a bed of spring mix greens and sliced homegrown tomatoes, along with baby carrots and mini dill pickles on the side.

Veggie Burger--Journey for Jessi deconstructed veggie burger--Journey for Jessi

This morning, I woke up with my morning yoga routine, meditated for a minute, and preceded to head downstairs to make breakfast.  I made a Pitaya Oat Bowl.  I mashed up half a raw pink pitaya and mixed it with ¹/3 cup of oats.  Then, I topped it off with ½ a sliced banana.

pitaya oat bowl--Journey for Jessi

I had a good feeling about the day this morning–I mean, a hot pink breakfast bowl?? Yes, please.  Sure enough, it has shaped up to be a good day.  I did some reading for school, phoned a good friend of mine, basked in the sunshine, AND I receive a new cookbook in the mail!  Anyone that knows me is aware that I read cookbooks for fun, so as you can imagine, I am thrilled.

The Oh She Glows Cookbook--Journey for Jessi

I am sure that this will give me tons of new ideas for my own recipes, so stay posted!

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