sesame kale chips

Sesame Kale Chips--Journey for JessiHello all!  I know I have been unusually absent these past few days, but I am on a “me”-cation.  I am back up in Colorado visiting my friends for the week.  I know it may be strange that on my summer vacation I decided to head back to my college town, but I have really grown to love the summers up here.  I will post about my adventures and such in a longer post when I get back in Texas, but for now, here is a recipe for Sesame Kale Chips I made before my trip up here.

I was trying to clean out the fridge of produce and I had a lot of kale left over from my smoothie ingredients.  I decided on kale chips because they have all the glory of a potato chip except exponentially healthier.


♦ 3 tbsp olive oil

♦ 1 tbsp rice vinegar

♦ 1 tbsp raw sesame seeds

♦ 2-4 grinds of sea salt

♦ 6-9 cups of organic kaleKale Chips--Journey for Jessi Combine all ingredients in a large bowl and toss together.

Lay the leaves flat on an oiled baking sheet without overlapping each other.  Put them in the oven at 375°F and bake for 10 minutes.

Sesame Kale Chips--Journey for JessiAfter about 5 minutes (half time), I took out the chips and flipped them over to bake for the remaining 5 minutes.

Sesame Kale Chips--Journey for Jessi

They do shrivel up, so that is why I use a lot of kale when making these. They are so scrumptious.  The best healthy version of a chip: green, crispy, light, and baked!


What are your thoughts?

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