college town vacation

Packing Time--Journey for JessiLast week, I packed up my bags and headed back to Fort Collins, the college town home to Colorado State University.  I know it may seem strange that on my summer vacation, I took a vacation back to school… but most of my friends reside in Colorado now and I was missing them dearly. The first step was deciding what bags to pack for my week long trip.  Do not worry!  Despite the picture, I am a light packer.  I only bring two bags on trips–even when I go overseas!  My go-to-rule is if I cannot carry it myself, then I have overpacked.When I arrived in Fort Collins, the first thing I did was take a nap I must admit.  I had to wake up at 3:30 am to catch my early flight, but to me, it is worth it to have not wasted the day traveling.  I spent the day catching up with friends while making Avocado Wraps, friendship bracelets, and having a Netflix marathon that night!  It felt good to be back.

Friendship Bracelet Making--Journey for JessiFriendship Bracelets>School--Journey for Jessi

The following day, I woke up with my future roommate/friend and headed to campus with her.  She is taking summer school and I wanted to go to the library to watch my lectures for my online classes, then hit the Rec for a workout.  CSU has a pretty awesome Rec Center.  I even paid for a week membership just to use it for my time back in town–I did get my money’s worth.

Back at Campus Rec Center--Journey for JessiLater that night, I did more schoolwork, made friends with my friend’s boyfriend’s dog, then made Eggplant Parmesan for dinner with my boyfriend.  Needless to say, it was a good evening.

Boxer Pup--Journey for JessiFor my workout the following day, I skipped the Rec in favor of the sunny weather to break in my new Asics Gel Cummulus running shoes on CSU’s track.  I did a mile warm-up followed by some stretching, then ran two more miles split up in ½ mile intervals with strength and body weight exercises in between.  I was hoping to do more endurance running, but the altitude change was starting to get to me and let’s face it, running more than two miles on a track at once can get pretty boring.

New Asics--Journey for JessiBreaking in my new Running Shoes--Journey for Jessi

After a few days, it was finally time to prepare for my weekend camping trip!  I will have to do separate posts for the rest of my week’s activities because they were a bit more involved, so be on the look out!  In summary though, it was a fabulous week.  I am back home now, but will return within a few weeks as the fall semester fast approaches.


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