omelet us catch up

omelet us catch up--Journey for JessiI apologize for being so behind on my posts, but now that things are slowly settling into place after the move, I can go through all of my recipes and pictures and turn them over to this blog.  The last thing I did before moving back to Colorado was have brunch with a really really good friend of mine before we went our separate ways again.  He is one of those people that you can not see for months and pick right back where you left off, which is 100% our case.  He let me pick my favorite brunch place at home, La Madeleine.  That omelet was the beginning of a new obsession of mine.It was HUGE and I devoured the whole thing.  It consisted of egg whites, spinach, tomatoes, and mushrooms.  The omelet also came with a large croissant (which I did not eat) and I had a cup of black coffee to drink.  Because of that omelet, I have made an egg white omelet everyday for breakfast for days on end.  I cannot help it!  They are too yummy and filling!  Omelets are so simple to make too!


♦ 9 tbsp liquid egg whites

♦ ½ cup organic spinach

♦ mushrooms, peppers, etc. 

omelet us catch up--Journey for JessiBegin by heating up a non-stick skillet and pouring the egg whites in. Once the eggs begin to look opaque, top them off with some spinach and any other vegetables of your choosing.

omelet us catch up--Journey for JessiOnce the eggs have firmed up, slide a spatula underneath one side and fold the eggs in half.

omelet us catch up--Journey for JessiServe on a plate and…

omelet us catch up--Journey for Jessi


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