realizing the journey

realizing the journey--Journey for JessiMy third year of college has come and I am settling into the year as the first-weeks-of-school-festivities come to a close.  I have been ridiculously busy lately as made obvious by my lack of posts…  I am thankful that things are winding down so I can get back into my fitness routine (I might have back-tracked a bit…) and focus on my priorities.  My goals for this month are to declare my nutrition major officially, get back on the health train, and register for the Boulder Spring Half Marathon.  I need to begin running more often again in order to get back into the swing of training. I need to take better care of my body.  I am a firm believer that the body can do wonderful things (like running a marathon) if you take care of it.  I know I need to train properly and effectively as I cannot help but think of Jessi–I am running the Boulder Half for her, for goodness sake.  

I have been thinking about Jessi A LOT.  A great deal of that has to do with school beginning again.  I miss her.  I am missing her like I never thought I could ever imagine.  The little things like going over to her place to bake or watch Friends, asking her what to get at Starbucks, going shopping together, doing homework together… all the little moments that add up are flooding me now.  There is a place in me that just cannot be repaired, no matter how far I run, how much I reminisce, or how many times I imagine how peaceful she is in Heaven.  The truth is, I miss my best friend. Best friends are a rare occurrence.  I know I am blessed to have found someone so special to be my best friend, but I cannot help but feel in utter despair that our time was so limited.  The only thing keeping me going now is the fact that I am on this journey for her.  She continues to inspire me daily and make me a better person.  I can only hope she is looking down on me now and is as proud a best friend as I am of her.  So, here I am… pushing myself down this road, on this journey for Jessi, always in the pursuit of heart, health, and happiness.

realizing the journey--Journey for Jessi

But   if   the   while   I   think   on   thee,   dear   friend,

All   losses   are   restored   and   sorrows   end.

~  William   Shakespeare


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