healthy and smart

healthy and smart--Journey for JessiCollege is back in full swing–meaning, that it is more difficult to keep up my healthy intentions when I have other things like studying, group projects, and club meetings to focus on.  I admit, lately my health and fitness has been put on the back burner, but I am back in action.  Here are some things I have learned over the years about staying healthy, both mentally and physically, in college without sacrificing my studies.

  1. Always make a healthy breakfast.  I use to skip breakfast all the time in high school and my freshman year of college.  That lead to fatigue and weight gain when I would stuff my face later when I was starving.  With that said, make a filling and healthy meal like my spinach, tomato, mushroom, eggwhite omelet!  It is guaranteed to keep me full until after my morning workout.healthy and smart--Journey for Jessi
  2. On the topic of working out… DO IT!  Make it a habit, make it routine, so that no matter how you are feeling (tired, grumpy, sad, etc.) you will always go to the gym or workout.  At school, I prefer going to the Rec Center in the morning before or between my classes when the Rec is not as crowded as it is at night.  I have made this my routine since Freshman year.  If it were not for my obsession with keeping to my fitness routine, my freshman eating habits would have impacted me more than what they did.  If you cannot motivate yourself, schedule a time with a friend, trainer, take a group fitness class, basically anything to keep you accountable.healthy and smart--Journey for Jessi
  3. Temptations on campus are lurking everywhere.  Learn to say NO!
  4. healthy and smart--Journey for JessiTemptations are much easier to overcome when you pack your own lunch or snack.  I always pack a lunch or a post work-out snack to get me through the rest of my day and classes.  Even if I do not have time to find a table to eat at, I just open my car’s sunroof and make time for my lunch.  By packing my own lunch, I know for sure that I am fueling my body with healthy and fresh foods.  I like to make salads for lunch and for snack I usually have a banana or carrots, nuts or seeds, and a protein bar.healthy and smart--Journey for Jessi
  5. COFFEE!  Sometimes you just need a pick-me-up to get through classes or studying.  I understand, trust me.  Make sure you make time for sleep though, do not just rely on caffeine which can be harmful if you become addictedhealthy and smart--Journey for Jessi
  6. Have a healthy snack when you get home.  Avoid those temptations! Staying fueled helps you stay focused for homework and studying.healthy and smart--Journey for Jessi
  7. Anywhere can become a library.  Anytime can be study time.  You get to be quite resourceful and efficient.healthy and smart--Journey for Jessi
  8. Make time for fun!  Relax!  Get a massage, go out with friends, go to a sporting event, go on a bike ride!  College is stressful, but without friends and laughter, the stress can get to you mentally and affect you physically as well.healthy and smart--Journey for Jessi

Happy Studies!  Stay healthy, stay happy, stay smart!


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