christmas patience and presents

christmas patience and presents--Journey for JessiChristmas eve and Christmas this year were very different.  I cannot think of a tradition that was followed to a tee this year.  I guess that is what happens when you grow older and you are the youngest in the family.  The Christmas season this year started out with a bang–maybe too much of a bang though, because my spirit slowly faded.  I felt like Cindy Lou Who from the Grinch.  I should have sung “Where are you Christmas” on repeat.However different this year was, nothing could ruin Christmas.  You can never have a bad Christmas if you remember the reason for the season.  Don’t get me wrong, I had a good Christmas once the family was all together.  It was just my parents and I for Christmas Eve this year.  I spent the day watching Gossip Girl (a new guilty pleasure of mine) and wrapping presents.  I usually do not wait until the last minute to wrap presents, but I did wear my traditional Santa hat and jingle bells.

christmas patience and presents--Journey for JessiFor dinner, my brother and sister usually join us for an Italian tradition: dinner of the seven fishes.  This year since it was just the ‘rents and I, it was more low-key, still delicious though.  My mom put out my favorite: smoked salmon and avocado.  There were also raw oysters, smoked oysters, shrimp, and little fishes.

christmas patience and presents--Journey for JessiAfter dinner we sat around the fire pit outside for a bit and I went back upstairs to finish wrapping until it was time for bed.

christmas patience and presents--Journey for JessiDespite staying up late, I finally got to sleep.  My brother usually spends the night at our parents house with me Christmas Eve, but he was with his fiancé for the day and driving back Christmas day.  Since I wanted the family to all open presents together, we decided to wait to open gifts Christmas evening rather than morning.  I did get to sleep in and I was very thankful for that.  Christmas morning was spent knitting, playing with my puppies and waiting for my brother and sister to come over, but when they arrived, it was well worth the wait.

christmas patience and presents--Journey for JessiIt was so nice having the family together and watching everyone open gifts.  I received so many nice gifts as well.  You can tell my family knows what I love.

christmas patience and presents--Journey for JessiI was a happy girl when I pulled Quest Bars out of my stocking.  I love Quest Bars!  It was a merry “Questmas.”

christmas patience and presents--Journey for Jessichristmas patience and presents--Journey for JessiI also received Texas gear, baking ware and cookbooks… 

christmas patience and presents--Journey for Jessia FitBit flex and P90X3!!!  So exciting!  I love getting fitness gifts as everyone seems to know ;).  I start P90X3 on Monday and I cannot contain my excitement.  I have already read the guide a few times.  After opening gifts in the evening, we had a wonderful dinner of salad, mushrooms, twice-baked potatoes and steaks (because I am the only pescatarian).

What were your favorite parts of Christmas?


3 thoughts on “christmas patience and presents

  1. I have a FIT BIT And love it!!! Use it daily! I used to love Quest bars… but then I started eating them ALL the time… and it messed up my stomach (it’s very sensitive!) but I’ll admit that they are delicious!! YUM! :) …and I love smoked salmon and avocado!! YUMMY and healthy!! Hope that you had a very Merry Christmas!!


    • We seem so similar! I love my fitbit so far; I really want the Tory Birch accessories for it now haha. Have you seen them? So cute. As for Quest bars… I have to have super self-control because they are so good! When I buy them in bulk, the first thing I do is cut them all in half and put all the halves in individual baggies to remind myself that they are “healthier candy bars.” I do the same thing with nuts… :P


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