making 2015 my year

new year, new perspective--Journey for JessiThanks to 2014, I have become stronger and grown quite a bit as an individual (see my last post).  I am so excited for this new year as I have big personal goals and I plan on really sticking to them.  In my second decade of life, I am tired of “floating” around through life.  Granted, I do want to be more free-spirited, but in the grand scheme of things, I want to have vision.  I want to be a dreamer and a doer.  
I am making this the “year of me.”  I have resolutions to better myself, my life, and essentially make me happier as I walk down life’s path.  So here I go!

new year, new perspective--Journey for Jessi

My 2015 New Year’s Resolutions:

♦ Live in the moment, the present.  Stop reliving the past and stressing about the future.  Let it be.  Enjoy life’s journey!

♦ Limit my fears.  Don’t let a little fear keep me from living.  Push my comfort zone.  Surprise myself.

♦ Be more free spirited.  Go with the flow.  Live and let go.  Enjoy the little moments.

♦ Do yoga at least once a week.  Meditate more.  Deep breathe my stresses away.

♦ Eat cleaner.  Take care of my body internally.  Be kind to myself.

♦ Train insaner.  Get out of workout ruts.  Try new things.  Push my limits. Crossfit.  Cycle.  Run.  Dance.

♦ Run a half marathon in honor and memory of Jessi.

♦ Blog.  Journal.  Talk to God.  Get out of my head.  Listen and observe the world around me.

♦ Learn new things.  Teach others what I learn.

♦ Do what I love.  If I don’t enjoy it, I won’t waste my precious time.

♦ Surround myself with only positivity and love.

new year, new perspective--Journey for Jessi

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