the little things

the little things--Journey for JessiI have been taking more time to reflect and enjoy the little moments in life.  You know, part of my resolutions and all that.  It is only day five of the new year, but my newly improved positive outlook on life, I can already tell, will make this year one of my best yet!  Only day five and I already feel happier, more in control of my own life and plans for my future.  I have goals, I have dreams, I am inspired! I have been smiling more, laughing more and truly just finding joy in the littlest of moments.

the little things--Journey for JessiYesterday morning, I made a bowl of Eggnog Oats to enjoy by the fire.  


♦ 1/3 c rolled oats 

♦ a little less than 1/3 c dairy free eggnog (soy or coconut or almond)

♦ nutmeg to taste

I am trying to use of the rest of my coconut nog before I go back to school on Saturday.  I’m not complaining though, I do love my nog!  It was just such a nice relaxing morning at home by the fire with my dogs and breakfast.  Warms the tummy and the heart.

the little things--Journey for JessiLater I did a movement/stretch P90X3 Sunday workout.  After I made three egg whites and spinach bowl for my iron and protein fix.  My body has been so thankful for the love and nourishment from all the greens and superfood after a holiday filled with cookies, fudge and chocolate… oops.

the little things--Journey for JessiAfter working out and nom-ing, I took part in one of my favorite activities–grocery shopping!  You know me, oh how much I love going to the grocery store!  Back home in Texas, the Whole Foods is about 30 minutes away, so my family mainly sticks to Kroger, which is just fine!  But from time to time, I enjoy going to a new store by the mall, The Fresh Market!

the little things--Journey for JessiThey have some different products and produce that I like to browse.  I must admit too, it’s a pretty cute store.  They also have classical music playing the whole time, making my already great experience in the grocery store all the more better!  

the little things--Journey for Jessi

For produce, bananas, apples, oranges and avocados landed in the cart.

the little things--Journey for JessiThe Fresh Market has an amazing coffee section.  I must walk through it every time!  For Christmas, they had Eggnog Coffee, yum!  Another hard to resist aisle?

the little things--Journey for JessiSo cute and colorful!  I like to give in to my cravings…healthily of course.

the little things--Journey for JessiWith dark chocolate covered cranberries and pistachios!  Yum yum yummy!  Have you ever tried dark chocolate covered pistachios?  Delish!  

the little things--Journey for JessiAfter I got home I registered for my Half Marathon in May!!! Yay!  Training officially starts February 23rd, but until then, I’m planning on running biweekly.  

So many new and exciting things are on my horizon and I cannot wait to share them with you all! Remember, stay positive, challenge yourself, be kind and smile at life!

the little things--Journey for Jessi

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