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choose healthy--Journey for JessiHave a sweet tooth?  A sugary craving sets in and you start to worry your self-control is waning… Trust me, I know this feel allllll too well.  That is why I learned to start snacking smart and choosing healthier options when it comes to my sweet tooth.  So, what do I do when it comes to smart, healthy snacking?  
Step 1: Drink a glass of water.  I always have my water by my side–always.  Sometimes, I am just bored, so sipping water keeps my hands and mouth occupied without mindlessly consuming calories when I am not even hungry.

Step 2: Really hungry?  Tummy rumbling?  Okay, go get a snack, but be smart!  What do I mean?  Craving sweet?  Choose a piece of fruit.  My favorite is a small granny smith apple.  When you have something sugary, even naturally full of sugars like fruit, pair it with a healthy fat.  It allow the sugar to be absorbed more slowly and makes you feel fuller.  Hence, the almond butter above.

Step 3: Feel satisfied and know that you fed your body with a nourishing snack.

And with the body all refreshed an energized?  How about a killer workout?  P90X3 anybody?  ;)

choose healthy--Journey for Jessi


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