spring semester

spring semester || Journey for Jessi Classes resumed this week for me!  Yay college!  I actually am really excited about this semester.  What has changed?  The more difficult classes?  Longer and busier schedule?  Nope!  My new outlook on life!  Remember my New Year’s Resolutions?  Yeah, those are still going strong–if not stronger than ever!  

Looking back at my previous spring semesters, they have all started with the same trends, and this year is no exception.  What do I mean?  Engineering classes that I am not all too passionate about, snowy and windy Colorado weather, a freshly crowded Rec Center, a schedule that makes me question the amount of hours I have in the day and the annual “spring semester guy drama rama” (I should expect this by now haha…)  It is all the same, every spring semester.  I am not kidding, it’s kinda bizarre…  But like I said, this year, my life has taken a complete 180° turn for the happy highway.  Unlike any other semester, I have never felt happier despite all of the external forces pressing down on me.  The reason being, I have a fresh perspective.  I realized that am in charge of my life.  control how I react to things I cannot control (and even things I can control).  I am doing more living in the present and focusing less on the past and my ever-changing future.  AMEN!  The results?  I am enjoying and appreciate life more.  I look forward to my days rather than dreading them.  It is all too exciting to invest in the present day versus what I “have” to do tomorrow.  Oh, and that “have to” phrase, ditch it!  It does no good.  Simply substitute “have” to “want” and it will surprise you how your days change.  Okay, I will get off my happy tangent now…kinda.  

spring semester || Journey for Jessi On Monday, the roomies and I had a bunch of friends over at our place for brunch.  I was more than happy to make Texas waffles for everyone!  It was so much fun having everyone over before the craziness of classes started.

spring semester || Journey for Jessi I had a wheat waffle with a side of fruit since I don’t eat any meat beside fish.  It was delish–if I do say so myself.

spring semester || Journey for Jessi Well that was Monday and today is obviously Thursday, so I have slowly been getting into the groove of classes again.  This semester (here I go again), I have made that planner my life!  Not kidding.  I write down everything I want to do each day and my homework and plan my workouts.  As the day goes on, I get to cross off all the little tasks I have accomplished and at the end of the day, I highlight things I did not get to so I know to get them done the next day or over the weekend.

spring semester || Journey for Jessi In another section of my planner, I also meal plan for the week.  Then, on Sunday (or Monday), I prep all my meals and snacks for the week.  That way, I stay on track and don’t have to spend energy when I come home from an exhausting day.  It is truly life saving.

spring semester || Journey for Jessi Also life saving, is the notion of multi-tasking.  Last night, I spent 30 minutes on the treadmill while reading my textbook.  I used to never read my textbooks in full.  I would just skim them over before an exam.  I wanted to start really reading them and absorbing the information, so I read while I get my remaining steps in at night.  It’s a win-win!  

You know my resolutions are going splendidly, how about YOURS?


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