sunday relaxation

sunday relaxation||Journey for JessiI cannot tell you how nice of a Sunday I had–okay well maybe I can.  It was a beautiful day!  Sunny skies, melting snow, warm temperatures…sigh.  It is glorious.  For breakfast, I had half a grapefruit sprinkled with stevia and cantaloupe with ¼ cup cashews (not pictured).  I always pair my fruit with a nut or fat of some sort to prevent drastic blood sugar spikes.  

After enjoying my breakfast and tea watching the neighbors pass by on their morning walks and bike rides, I got ready for the day and headed to the library to crank out some homework.  I was so productive at the library.  I busted out Thermodynamics like there was no tomorrow!

sunday relaxation||Journey for JessiI finally left though for two reasons: 1. I was freeeezing.  2.  My stomach was growling and echoing throughout the study cube…

sunday relaxation||Journey for JessiThat is went I ventured back home to make a salad consisting of iceberg lettuce, tuna, tomato, and two pickles.  It was very satisfying.

sunday relaxation||Journey for JessiAfter doing some organizing and more studying, I did something I hadn’t done in years–I took a bath!  Normally, I refuse to sit in a tub of water in my “filth” (hail the showers please!)  Today, however, I felt like a little unwinding.  So, I cranked up the hot water (sorry planet…) and opened the pages of a non-school book!  This bath put me in a “zen” state for a good few hours and I felt GREAT!  While I reveled in the afterthoughts of my bath, I began my meal planning and preparation for the week.

sunday relaxation||Journey for JessiI would say I am getting the hang meal prepping!  It works wonders for my busy schedule.

I hope you all had an amazing weekend/Sunday too!  Let me know if you did anything relaxing too below…

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3 thoughts on “sunday relaxation

  1. Something relaxing…. I went to park with husband and 2yr old Godchild and went down slide and soaked up sun. I love reading your posts! I would love if you could share your meal planning. I’m trying to get healthy.

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