thursday challenge

oh leg day || Journey for JessiThis workout is my killer workout from Thursday.  I was hoping to get it up by Friday, but as you know, life is a whirlwind!  I just got home again from a mini vacation/weekend away, but I will do a separate post about that.  My best friend wanted me to help her get back in shape after spending a few month abroad.  I was more than excited to help out and challenge myself along the way.  

I usually workout by myself, but it is always good to change it up!  We decided to meet every Thursday for a workout together.  She seemed to enjoy this past one, so hopefully, I can keep up the intensity!  


♦ 10-20 minutes of cardio

♦ 10 high-knees

♦ 10 jumping jacks

♦ 10 push-ups

♦ 10 body weight squats

WOD: (AMRAP in 15 minutes)

♦  5 burpees

♦ 10 push-ups (**this I added, not pictured)

♦  5 burpees

  10 sit-ups

♦  5 burpees

♦  10 goblet squats

♦  5 burpees

♦ 10 lunges

After we repeated the “warm-up” to cool down and slow our heart rate a bit.  Then, we did some deadlifts at the bar.

It is always great to challenge yourself!  What do you like to do to push your limits?


What are your thoughts?

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