ski break

ski break || Journey for JessiLast weekend was a blast!  I went down to Winter Park for the weekend to go skiing–a typical pass time for the Colorado student I have discovered.  It was a nice break to exert some energy on the snowy mountains and be at one with nature and away from the crowded gym and college campus.  I love any type of vacation that involves a physical activity paired with it like skiing, surfing, hiking, biking, etc.  Although I did have a “cheat” weekend, I always made sure to keep everything in balance too.

oh leg day || Journey for JessiFor example, before the trip, I stocked up on Quest Bars to “cheat clean” and keep me fueled on the mountain.  After I was all packed, we headed down on Friday evening after all my classes were finished.  On the way to Winter Park, we stopped at the grocery store to pick up food items for the weekend.

ski break || Journey for JessiAs you can see, it was getting chillier and chillier as we ascended into the mountain towns.  For breakfasts, we bought fruit, eggs, and turkey bacon (for the meat eaters).  For ski snacks, we stocked up on carrots, nuts, protein bars and PB&J ingredients.  For our one dinner, we made salmon, brussels sprouts and quinoa–yum!  It is not as difficult as you think to stay relatively healthy on a “vacation.”

ski break || Journey for JessiAfter a long drive and a good night’s sleep.  It was time to get ready for the day!  I was so excited to go skiing again!

ski break || Journey for JessiFor breakfast, I had eggspeanut butter toast and cantaloupe and blueberries.

ski break || Journey for JessiThen, I stuffed my pockets with “on-the-mountain” necessities:  Burt’s Bees Chapstick, protein and snack bars and I also packed a big snack bag of baby carrots (they sure do stay nice and cold on the mountain).

ski break || Journey for JessiSkiing was so much fun.  We spent ALL day shredding the mountains.  What a workout!  Although I was not very sore the next day (aside from some bruises), I knew my legs got in a killer workout.  I love getting my exercise from recreational activities.  It just makes fitness all the more enjoyable (not that it isn’t already for me).  

ski break || Journey for Jessi

ski break || Journey for Jessi

ski break || Journey for Jessi

ski break || Journey for Jessi

ski break || Journey for JessiAfter skiing all day, I showered and relaxed my muscles by the warm fire while the salmon cooked.  

ski break || Journey for JessiThe next morning, I had fruit and Peanut Butter Toast.  Afterwards, we all went into town to shop around a bit.  My sister and I befriended a Moosen!  Hehe.  One of my favorite animals…

ski break || Journey for Jessi


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