striving for progress

striving for progress || Journey for JessiMany of you who follow me on Instagram, know that I have made some significant progress mentally and physically to my overall health and wellness.  Yes I have made progress: I am happier, healthier, fitter and living in the moment more, but I still have room to grow and improve on myself.  That is why this is my journey and not my destination.

striving for progress || Journey for Jessi

This year has been quite amazing thus far.  I have made little tweaks and changes to my life that have made such a huge impact to my well-being.  I have mentioned this a few times throughout my previous posts beginning with my New Year’s Resolutions (yes, I am still checking in on the goals I made this year).  Overall, the little changes added up have made the biggest changes in the grand scheme of things.

striving for progress || Journey for JessiNew haircut?  Every woman knows this feeling: 7-8 inches chopped off (or even just a trim), and you get a surge of confidence and feeling that you can take on the world at any given moment.  A little change compared to the big picture, but a change that gave me researched my waning confidence.

striving for progress || Journey for JessiI have been eating healthier.  Not a diet, but a genuine lifestyle change.  I no longer had the urge to eat chocolate every night (a big deal for me) and those little healthy choices added up and gave me energy for my fitness and reflected on my cleared-up and healthy skin.

striving for progress || Journey for JessiI had removed negative thoughts about others and myself.  I tried to surround myself with those that inspired me and challenged me in the best ways.  I actually saw the light in myself and accepted my flaws–a rather giant step for me since I have always been my harshest critic.  These changes significantly decreased my anxiety and stress and depression that crept in from time to time.  It was amazing.  I had never felt so free and alive!  So what is happening now?

These past few days, I feel like I have been regressing.  I have cravings for sweets and I overindulge.  I have been letting the feelings of other’s influence my actions–I was once focused on my goals and managed my time, now I watch more TV and half-commit to my workouts… Because of this small changes, I have been feeling an overwhelming sense of anxiety and stress again and I am panicking.  

This is me taking a step back, though (a new trick I learned).  I assess the current past few days and evaluate from a different point of view.  Now, I realize, that progress will never been a straight shot.  There will be challenges.  There will be tests.  That is what make a person successful on their journey.  Their ability to overcome these challenges and set backs and find their way back on their path to continue their journey.  It all seems, so clear now.  It’s no big deal what a few days have on my bigger picture, as long as I overcome and find my way back.  

Back to managing my time wisely (no more mindless TV watching).  Back to saying “no” to processed sugars that don’t add to my health, and saying “yes” to whole foods that feed my body and give me strength to take on future challenges.  Back to meditating and practicing yoga when I feel stressed and anxious.  

Back to focusing on my journey and doing what I know is best for me.  


What are your thoughts?

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