catching up: march edition

catching up: march edition || Journey for Jessi

I am so sorry to all of my tremendous followers.  I have been no where to be seen on here on Journey for Jessi lately.  For those of you following my Instagram, you know I haven’t been completely missing in action.  You have seen so many tidbits lately that I owe it to you all (and myself) to fill in the pieces.

catching up: march edition || Journey for Jessi

Although I love love love Spring with a burning passion, especially April (Easter, *cough my birthday…), Spring is always the busiest time of year for me: catching up with school trying to boost my GPA the best I can, trying to be more social as my sorority holds more and more events and trying to fit in my half-marathon training and getting my body ready for summer days poolside.

catching up: march edition || Journey for JessiLately, I have been doing really well with my Half-Marathon training.  No matter what I am feeling, I always just get out there and go.  I would say I run alone, but I know that isn’t true–I always have Jessi watching over me, I feel it.  When I start feeling tired, or can’t push any further, I just think of Jess’s bubbly spirit cheering me on.  Half-training has been bitter sweet.  I love running and running outside, I love that I have a reason much bigger than myself for striving for greatness, but sometimes the memories take hold of me and just flood my insides.  I miss Jessi more than I tend to let on.  It has been a ride going through (almost) a year without my best friends and confidant.  I’ve grown though, in more ways than I ever thought possible–and I’m still growing.  So as I continue to run on until my half on May 17th, I will continue to grow, but I know I am never alone in all this.  I have a wonderful support group of family and friends.  Including my other best friend who ran 8 miles with me this weekend on the trails!  What an accomplishment!

catching up: march edition || Journey for JessiIn addition to my all the running I’ve been doing, I am in the full swing of things at my Crossfit Box.  It is true what “they” say, it’s another family and it is strangely addicting–in the best way.  I just love the challenges and support I get.  I have never been the most confident person, but I feel that changing.  A big part of it is crossfit.  Everyone checks their ego at the door.  No one cares that you don’t have a muscle-up, hand-stand push-up or even if you don’t even have a pull-up, they help you through it.  Not just the coaches, but the people there struggling with you.  Because of crossfit, I am appreciating my body more.  All of the sadness I use to hold for my long-gone, thin “dancer’s” body is being replaced with a feeling of pride and accomplishment in my strength.  No, I can’t fit into size 0 jeans anymore, BUT I can squat more than my body weight, do double-unders and endure some pretty intense cardio.  I am caring less about the numbers and more about the quality–quality of my workouts and quality of my diet.

catching up: march edition || Journey for JessiBecause I have a better appreciation for my body, I found that it much easier to eat cleaner and healthier because I want to be kinder to my body.  When I eat better, I perform better mentally and physically and emotionally.  You stop restricting your diet, and start adding in benefits like more protein and veggies to fuel your body and workouts.  A good example of this?  My Southwest Breakfast Scramble.

catching up: march edition || Journey for Jessi

Just an egg white, egg, sweet potato, kale and bell pepper scramble topped with southwest chipotle seasoning to fuel my WOD.  Rest day? How about half a grapefruit and egg whites?  It is all about balance and knowing your body.  

catching up: march edition || Journey for JessiYou will have slip-ups.  Here comes Easter (my favorite holiday) and my 21st Birthday for example.  I already know my diet will have quite a few cheats, but I am confident in my ability to bounce back.  Why?  Because I feel crappy after a sugar overload.  My body rejects processed foods and freaks out. Listen to your body!  That counts for working out too.

catching up: march edition || Journey for JessiTake care of your body inside and out.  Feeling pain? Take a rest day.  Ice yourself before an injury.  Don’t ignore signs of fatigue.  *Ahem* because I didn’t.  I recently when to a Physical Therapist because of built up pain in my shoulder/deltoid.  Long story short, years of stress on my body acting out in the form a fatigued shoulder.  (Thanks 15.5…)  After a few days of rest this week, the pain is diminishing.  I still haven’t decided whether or not I will start PT for my body.  I’d love to hear feedback from you all on this.

catching up: march edition || Journey for JessiI will call this a wrap for the day!  I am so happy I finally got back to catching up.  Stay tuned for more recipes, workouts and half-training updates!  Happy Spring Y’all!  Stay happy and healthy!

catching up: march edition || Journey for Jessi


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