memorial day

memorial day || Journey for Jessi

And I’m proud to be an American, where at least I know I’m free. And I won’t forget the men who died, who gave that right to me.

I know many get lost in the three-day weekend with BBQ’s, sales, friend and family gatherings, but Memorial Day is not a picnic to those who truly know the meaning behind it.  Don’t get me wrong, I do take part in the three-day weekend festivities, but only after I reflect on those lives lost that fought for my country’s freedom.  I pray for those families and friends of those fallen soldiers and admire them for their bravery and strength. 

memorial day || Journey for JessiI often think back when I visited Normandy, France.  Looking over Omaha Beach, so quiet and serene in 2009 and shuttering when I imagine what took place on that same beach decades ago.  Getting to the apex of the hill leading to Point du Hoc and having my breath literally taken away when I saw the grassy landscape.  Decades later and the land was still nothing but craters from bombings and old German gun batteries and bunkers.  I will never forget looking on millions of white crosses.  Crosses where fallen soldiers lie who fought for freedom so selflessly.

memorial day || Journey for JessiFrom centuries, to decades, to years ago, soldiers have fallen and I am grateful for ways in which we can honor those soldiers.  As a tribute, many crossfit affiliates and gyms across the nation take part in a WOD named “Murph,”  workout honoring Lt. Michael Murphy.  Murphy originally named this workout “body armor” as it should be completed with body armor or a weighted vest.

memorial day || Journey for JessiI was able to take part in Murph this year with a great box that has adopted me into their fam while I visit home here in Houston for a few weeks.  Before getting down to business, we were reminded that this workout was in honor of someone’s child, and we all prayed together.

memorial day || Journey for JessiThen the workout began…

memorial day || Journey for Jessi


♦ 1 mile run

♦ 100 pull-ups

♦ 200 push ups

♦ 300 air squats

♦ 1 mile run

memorial day || Journey for Jessi

memorial day || Journey for Jessi

memorial day || Journey for JessiIt was a great workout and I look forward to partake in the tradition next year as well.  I love that Crossfit has “Hero WODs.”  It just adds to the community that is Crossfit.

How did you remember those fallen this Memorial day?


What are your thoughts?

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