austin adventures

austin adventures || Journey for JessiThis weekend, my sister and I headed up to Austin to celebrate my future sister-in-law’s bachelorette party and festivities.  It was so much fun and we were lucky to have nice weather.  If you have not heard, Houston has been flooding pretty badly and pretty much all of Texas has been hit with some serious storms.  Pretty much everything we did centered around the outdoors like grilling and playing games on the patio, going to various wineries and BBQ for lunch, to walking around 6th Street bar hopping the night away.  It was great meeting all of the friends and family that I get to see again come July for the wedding–I can’t wait!

austin adventures || Journey for JessiIt all started with a great 3½ hour road trip up to Austin with my sister.  She’s a great road trip buddy–we listen to music, goof off and goof off some more…

austin adventures || Journey for JessiIt would not be a Texas road trip without stopping at Buc-ee’s.  It just wouldn’t–end of story.

austin adventures || Journey for JessiThere were tons of cows, antique stores, and funny BBQ pits along the way.  The drive ended with a great sunset as we got to the house in Austin an hour later.  When we arrived, we were greeted with a Luau themed grill out complete with drinks and games.  We got to bed pretty late with another big day ahead of us the next morning.  Thankfully, I slept really well and there was a big breakfast for us all in the morning.  I had turkey bacon, eggs and berries.

austin adventures || Journey for JessiAfter breakfast, we all headed out for an afternoon of vineyards and wineries.  It was such a beautiful day!

austin adventures || Journey for JessiWe got a huge room to ourselves for a private tasting and tour.

austin adventures || Journey for Jessi

austin adventures || Journey for Jessi


I am for sure a red wine kinda girl–and it has to be thick and not too sweet.  My favorite was the 2011 Aglianico.

austin adventures || Journey for Jessi

austin adventures || Journey for Jessiaustin adventures || Journey for JessiAfter a few more wine tastings, we stopped by the famous Salt Lick BBQ for some lunch.  I was still full from breakfast and snacks at the wineries, so I just picked turkey and cole slaw off my sister’s plate.  I have to admit though, it was pretty delicious.  The turkey was so tender and not too salty and the cole slaw was actually green (like it should be) and was vinegar based versus (gross) mayonnaise base.

austin adventures || Journey for JessiAfter lunch, we all headed back to the house to nap before going out that evening.  I took advantage of the time and went for a run around Austin.  Everyone thought I was nuts, but hey, I didn’t pack my sneakers for nothing.

austin adventures || Journey for JessiThat night after dinner, we all got ready and hit up 6th Street.  Everyone who knows me well, knows 1. I don’t like to be the center of attention in public and 2. I don’t drink too excessively.  Needless to say, 6th street was quite the experience compared to the bar scene I am used to up in Fort Collins.  To be honest, I like Fort Collins a whole lot better–for my taste at least.  It just has more chill vibes and a wider range of drinks.  I do have to say though, if you are a woman on 6th street, don’t even worry about paying a dime!  The guys at various bars roam the street looking for woman to fill up their particular bar and bring you in with free drinks.  We took advantage of that and hopped from bar to bar all night!

austin adventures || Journey for JessiIt was such a fun night though! The girls know how to dance and party and have fun!  The bachelorette sure had an awesome time and that is what this weekend was all about!  I am so excited and blessed to have a future sister-in-law like this one.  My brother found himself a good one ;)

austin adventures || Journey for JessiThe next morning, we rallied the troops to clean up, eat breakfast and pack up to head back home.  Before my sister and I left Austin, there was one stop I had to make–the first Whole Foods Market and headquarters!  I was a child in Disneyland.  They are celebrating 35 years this year.  My sister got a good chuckle watching me flit about the aisles with a dumb smile slapped on my face.  I left the store with a pack of Vega Smoothie Protein powder and an armful of Perfect Bars–yum!

austin adventures || Journey for Jessi


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