my personal sauna

my personal sauna || Journey for JessiThe flooding is gone and the mosquitos, humidity and heat are here!  Confession: I love the heat and the humidity.  Call me crazy, but I am in my element.  I have been taking advantage of the weather for my workouts for sure.  Even if it is high noon or 3pm, I will get my booty outside.  The sun, heat and humidity doesn’t bother me, I just make sure I am hydrated.  The mosquitos on the other hand…those things can just evaporate.  Anyway…be sure to hydrate and eat a good breakfast like…

my personal sauna || Journey for JessiStrawberry Banana Oatmeal


♦ 5 chopped strawberries

♦ 1/3 c oats

♦ ½ banana

♦ 1/3 c soy milk

Just microwave for about 1:30 and stir and enjoy!

my personal sauna || Journey for JessiThursday was my “active recovery day.”  I really have to force myself to take a recovery day, so I compromise with myself by taking an “active recovery” day.  This means instead of hitting the gym or box, I still do something physical, but I make it more “fun” (although the gym is fun for me).  I usually rollerblade, bike, swim, hike, climb, kayak or SUP, the possibilities are endless. Whatever is fun for you and makes you move!  

Yesterday, I skipped the actual gym again in favor of working out outdoors again.  I set out a towel/mat in my driveway and set my timer and got to work!

Outdoor Conditioning:

5 rounds for time 

♦ 400m run

♦ 30 jumping jacks

♦ 25 sit-ups

♦ 20 squats

♦ 10 push-ups


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