two steps back for four forward

two steps back for four forward || Journey for JessiSometimes when you are busy making heaps of progress, you forget to look back to reflect on how far you’ve come.  When striving for a goal, of course you want to head in the forward direction, but sometimes you have to go backwards to jumpstart yourself.  This concept holds true for all aspects of life: fitness, nutrition, health, heart, happiness, etc.  That is where I am at this current moment.  Without realizing, nor exactly volunteering, I took a few steps backward recently and this is what I discovered… I was panicked at first.  With so much progress being made, I found it inefficient and ineffective to be sitting in the past scraping around in the dust of who I am currently.  That is, until I discovered that my blast into the past propelled me fast forward on my progression plateau.  I didn’t realize I was in limbo-land, just chillin’ on this stable plateau of mine until I regressed.  Tracing back my steps, I was able to take a different perspective to see just how far I have come.  I was able to appreciate my growth and strength and perseverance.  The trek up was brutal, so naturally I took some time to rest.  That rest became comfortable.  It began to feel like where I would establish myself.  But, that was not my intended final destination.  The plateau is a trap in its own way.  There is no summit with a marker telling you how far you’ve climbed.  There is only forward.  Only you determine your finish line and when you reach that finish line, you draw a new one further along in the distance.  A friend told me this weekend “to never settle” and boy, that woke me up.  I didn’t notice that I was becoming stagnant until I took those couple steps backward.  And now with this knowledge?  You can bet I am no longer stationary.  Progression means to keep moving forward in life; to always set new goals and to strive for things just out of your reach.  Because if you keep stepping forward, someday you’ll reach your end of the rainbow.  


What are your thoughts?

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