defending a passion


If you’re passionate about something, and I mean really passionate about something, you pursue it through all ends of the Earth.  You stand for it.  You believe in it.  You defend it.  This “something” can take many forms whether it be a career, hobby, person, etc.  For me, this something is Crossfit.  


I was first exposed to Crossfit summer of 2014, but it was not until months later that I fully appreciated it.  One snowy February Saturday morning, I stumbled into my local affiliate, what I now consider my second home, AKA Fort Collins Crossfit.  I will admit that I was reeled in by the chiseled muscles of games’ athletes and lean bodies most extreme cross-fitters possess, but that’s not what hooked me.  What hooked me was the support, the camaraderie, the strength, the courage, the commitment, the confidence found inside boxes all around the world.  In just a few months since I started crossfitting and weightlifting, I went from a depressed, lost girl that hated herself and all that she thought she stood for, to the woman I am today.  I now love my body, not for its looks, but for what it can do.  I overcame a very hidden eating disorder because I began to want to take care of this amazing body of mine.  I started feeding myself with nutrients rather than numbers.  I learned the power of believing in yourself.  I can, for the first time in my life, honestly say that I am a happy and confident individual that has high hopes and dreams for what my future holds.  I owe a large portion of that Crossfit.

strength: the bulk and the mind || Journey for Jessi

That is why I stand by what some consider a “cult”, “fitness trend”, “company,” but what I consider my passion.  I have received tons of support in my pursuit of Crossfit and weightlifting from friends, colleagues, and siblings, but with all the support also come those dis Crossfit for its “dangers.”


Crossfit is not dangerous.  Egos are dangerous.  Not knowing your limit is dangerous.  Listening to those unknowledgeable/unexperienced in Crossfit (ah-hem) is dangerous.  For those, I would like to thank though, because with every false claim (opinion) towards the “negative” side of Crossfit, I begin to research.  But instead of straying away from Crossfit with the new information I read and learn, the more benefits I find in Crossfit.

The anti-Crossfitters have only deepened my passion for this lifestyle.  Try as you will to steer me away, I will politely listen, but only for so long, because I have a barbell waiting for me and some goals to accomplish.

strength: the bulk and the mind || Journey for Jessi


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