a side note

  As of now, I am sitting in the airport after spending the week home with my family for Thanksgiving.  This week I realized once again that I have fallen into the online depths again.  This week I became aware of my phone never leaving my side, my constant snapchat feed, Instagram posts, and frequent Facebook checks. Continue reading


a relationship post

a relationship post || Journey for Jessi

As of late, I have been hearing a lot of conversation about relationships.  I hear a tidbit here and there, walking to campus, in classes, from my sorority sisters, from my peers, in passerby conversations, all twenty-somethings and all wanting to be in a relationship with someone “before it’s too late.”  Too late for what may I ask?  So many people it seems are desperately seeking someone to love these days, but out of fear.  Fear of being alone for the rest of their lives.  Trust me, I understand this place.  I have been in and out of that specific place myself.   Continue reading