a side note

  As of now, I am sitting in the airport after spending the week home with my family for Thanksgiving.  This week I realized once again that I have fallen into the online depths again.  This week I became aware of my phone never leaving my side, my constant snapchat feed, Instagram posts, and frequent Facebook checks. As I was sitting here, doing all those things mentioned above, a teenage boy sat next to me.  I only noticed because instead of blending in like the rest of the people with their eyes attached to their LED screens, this boy has his head buried in a book. An actually book. No tablet, no kindle. That’s what snapped me out of this virtual zombie-like state. It’s time to cut my social media again. No a complete hiatus like a year or two ago, but just some time off. I’m missing the days returning from break when my friends asked what all I did versus knowing from Facebook or my live snapchat updates. Pictures are great. They tell 1000 words right? But now, ask me about me Instagram pics. Let them spark questions rather than answers. That’s my new goal. My Instagram should be a window into my life, not the door.


2 thoughts on “a side note

  1. Great snippet! I left fb last spring (Feb). It was an adjustment at first but I’ve not returned. I haven’t made use of twitter & backed off Periscope. It’s interesting to look at social media from the flip side!


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