a year can change you

a year can change you | Journey for JessiA lot can happen in a year.  2015 has been my year that is without a doubt. I have grown in so many ways and really nailed down what I stand for and who I want to strive to become.  Of course, I am going to give you all a run down of how exactly how I have changed for the better this year, and you will get to see fun pics of some highlights of this year’s adventures with my friends, but to leave it at that would just be unfair.  Unfair because I am not the only one on this planet that has changed this year.  Every one of us has had an adventurous year for certain.

a year can change you | Journey for JessiFor some, adventurous means having traveled to Europe on a study abroad program or fulfilling a year of your dream internship.  For  others, it means that you discovered something inside of you not found before such as  courage, strength, dedication, willpower, etc.  2015 did not even have to be that ideal, picture perfect year you were hoping for a year ago today, but even if you had the worst year of your life, I challenge you to look back, because I guarantee you still managed to grow in ways that you didn’t realize before.  IMG_1060This year has been a year of change for me.  The year that started off full throttle after hitting rock bottom in 2014.  The year that I took charge of my life instead of cruising on autopilot.  The year that I overcame depression, kicked that last nagging remnant of my eating disorder to the curb, and became the confident, strong independent woman that can pretty much kick some booty that I am today.  Yeah, I went there
a year can change you | Journey for JessiSo here it is, my flashback through 2015, unveiling my most memorable moments.a year can change you | Journey for JessiBear with me here because I am about to associate the feeling I went through at the beginning of 2015 with what like to call “my all-american girl Elliot Reed moment” (Scrubs is my favorite show.  Always will be.  Sue me :P).  But really, I had a moment in me that went like so…

1.  I got a haircut, purged the negativity out of my life (people and things included), and I took control of my life.a year can change you | Journey for Jessi2.  I found Crossfit and began striving for strength over thinness.  For the first time in my life, I stopped weighing myself and started gauging my fitness based on the number of kilos on the barbell.  I found a community that fueled my competitive fire and drive, yet cared about my well-being and accomplishments more.  Call Crossfit a cult or fad or whatever you may, but I will call them my family.

3.  I finally went to my sorority’s formal despite not having a date because power to females!  But really.  I use to always claim how independent I was and how I never “cared” about finding a date, but in reality, I cared very much.  This year I found a confidence and peace in myself that I did not have to force anything.  I felt 100% fine about being the fifth wheel.  In fact, I had a fricking, fantastically fun night and I cannot wait for Formal 2016!a year can change you | Journey for Jessi4.  It was a great (yet tragic) year for the Chicago Cubs.  2016 baby!  This will be their year.  Go Cubs, Go!

5.  I turned 21, had a killer birthday, and lived to tell the tale at Crossfit the next morning!  Cheers to twenty-fun!

6.  I completed my first half-marathon in honor of Jessi with my best friend Taylor.

7.  I made it through another year of engineering and kicked off the summer shenanigans in style.  Here’s to bachelorette parties in Austin, barbecues galore, baseball games, hiking, and days out on the water and soaking up the sunshine.

8.  I started eating meat again after a year of being a vegetarian.  I began focusing on fueling my body rather than depriving and starving it.  The results on my body and mind are pretty rewarding.

9.  Camping was shaping up to be a summer tradition and I think we are all  just fine with that.

10.  My brother got married and I got a new sister!

11.  I competed in my first Crossfit competition.  So much fun!

12.  I met Tony Frank.  (President of Colorado State University and local celebrity.)a year can change you | Journey for Jessi13.  I got a job, moved into my first apartment with a new roomie and our friendship began to take shape.  Thanks for our table talks, moth/spider extermination antics,  boy drama, bike drama, dog drama, etc.  You are such a kind and genuine person and I am so glad you came to CSU.a year can change you | Journey for Jessi

14.  More training and PR-ing.  What more can I say?

15.  I became more involved in school spirit from football games and tailgating to going to a Lee Brice concert (I guess I began tolerating country music this year too).

16.   I got to meet the crew of my favorite podcast Barbell Shrugged and spent a day learning and training with them in Houston at the World Weightlifting Championship.

17.  I fulfilled my new year’s resolutions of being more free-spirited, confident, both physically and mentally healthier, positive, loving, and courageous.

Now you know how I have grown this year, but I want to hear about your year.  What kind of person did you become in 2015?

Tell me about you favorite moments below in the comments!


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