day two | take me out & take out

paleo challenge: day two | Journey for JessiMy day two of paleo challenge was one that tested my willpower and dining out tact.  I began by having breakfast at my brother and wife’s place: scrambled eggs with homemade salsa, turkey bacon, and a cutie.  I took a rest day today in terms of training because my back has been on fire lately.  I blame improper daily recovery and being a bit too sedentary…Anyways, I took the day off from any sort of gym and spent the morning walking downtown Houston with my family on the trails by Buffalo Bayou.  We walked to a new coffee house located within the park and had a sort of brunch if you will.paleo challenge: day two | Journey for JessiI ordered the “Green D” smoothie.  I cannot remember everything it had in it, but here are a few ingredients that I recall: apple, spinach, basil, cucumber, banana, spirulina.  I for certain know that only fruits and veggies and herbs were present (no added sugars or chemicals).paleo challenge: day two | Journey for JessiTemptations were very present, however.  Quite an amount of time was spend relaxing and chatting at this restaurant, so more snacks were in order.  Thank goodness I was still sipping on my smoothie because goodness knows I have a sweet tooth…

I left successful and felt pretty good about myself!

The rest of the day was a battle though.  I would love to tell you that I felt great and on top of the world, but that would be a lie.  My head was throbbing and I felt super bloated all day.  If I did not fully believe in the effects of paleo, I would be scarfing my face with sugar and grains right about now…

There were times when I felt hanger creeping in as my house is not well equipped to suit a woman on a paleo challenge.  I finally hunted down some pecans and pumpkin seeds to hold me over until dinnertime.  Dinner consisted of take-out Thai food.  I had steamed veggies with chicken, no sauce and the rice on the side (you know, so I could NOT eat it).

I cannot wait my body begins healing because right now my brain still screams for sugar, grains, and coffee.

Have you even done a paleo challenge?  If so, how were your first few days?

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