day nine | willpower

paleo challenge | Journey for JessiDay nine.  Whoop!  I survived the Whole30 at my work holiday party!  Now that’s an accomplishment!  I guess I will start with the beginning of my day though.  Surprise!  I woke up and went to Crossfit ;).  Who would have guessed?  I used to bring a shake for during my workout to sip on throughout, but it is for sure NOT Whole30 approved.  Fructose anyone?  Great for fuel, but I have realized that not every workout needs the same amount of fuel.  

I used to not be able to workout on an empty stomach.  I used to feel faint and see stars halfway through my WOD without anything, or even just a little, in my system.  The body is amazing, though (do you even need a reminder?) and I have adapted over the months.  From pancakes and eggs, to a banana to shakes and smoothies, to now nada!

Don’t worry!  I come home and utilize fully my “window of gainz” (a term deemed by the guys of Barbell Shrugged).  For breakfast/post workout, I had compliant deli turkey slices, an egg scramble with spinach, and a banana.

The afternoon I spent with a friend walking around old town and catching up.  We stopped into a cute café I have always wanted to try and I am glad we did!  It was the cutest store.  Coffees and teas and bakery goods baked in house.  We just ordered some peach tea, but it didn’t disappoint.

The evening was a test of my willpower for sure, and I came out victorious!  What do I mean?  Well, I baked Peanut Butter Smash Cookies for my friend.  Man, PB used to be my weakness.  Yum… Finals week I’m pretty sure I ate a whole jar…Oops…  I did not even get one lick of PB in my mouth!  A real feat for me!  I will post the recipe for those soon!  Not paleo, but they are gluten free.

Then, arrived my office party.  I love my coworkers.  They are such a caring and lively bunch.  They waited until January for the dinner party so that everyone could be together, so sweet.  The conversation was great and so was the food.  I passed my drink tickets along to a coworker despite the list of reds calling my name… I ate the salad with my new fav “dressing” of olive oil and lemon and for the entrée, the salmon with no mustard creme sauce.  The salmon came with avocado, green beans and laid on a bed of rice which I tediously picked my way through.  Phew!  I passed on the dessert options of chocolate flourless cake and crème brûlée.  Man was that difficult.  While everyone left stuffed though, I left pleasantly full, but not to the point of “why did I eat all that?”

All-in-all, another great day on my way to a healthier me!

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