day seventeen | inner strength

day seventeen | inner strength | Journey for JessiStrength has always been something of value to me.  Strength of the body was always a given, it wasn’t until last year that I really was able to develop strength of the mind.  I have such an appreciation for a strong mind.  It has surely improved my life—in every aspect there is.  The Whole30 definitely challenges and strengthens the mind.  Day seventeen and I feel so powerful and finally in control of my food choices and eating habits.  

It is more than I have ever gotten out of any “diet.”  Good thing this isn’t a diet.  It’s a new lifestyle.  It’s a new life.  For years I have been obsessive over food and numbers, etc., now I finally feel happy.  Food is food is food.  It is fuel, it is nourishment, it is joyous, it is comforting.  I’ve learned that is is okay to have emotional ties with some foods, like your mother’s homemade fudge at Christmas time.  It brings enjoyment and warm feelings.  I’ve learned that a package of Oreos, however, does not truly bring comfort.  Sure they remind me of the “It’s a Small World” ride in Disney World (long story), but that’s not a reason to slam a whole package.  I’ve learned to appreciate what goes into my body, because my body is special.  I am in control of what my body can do and what I want out of it, and that, comes from the mind.

One of the biggest steps for achieving inner strength and peace of mind though, has come from assessment.  Assessing what is out of my hands and leaving it be.  Assessing that if something makes me unhappy or causes me stress, it has no right to be in my life.  It’s gone within the minute.

The mind is a beautiful and powerful thing, but it has to be exercised just like those muscles.

How has your mind been strengthened?


What are your thoughts?

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