crunching numbers

crunching numbers | Journey for JessiThis is a post that needed to happen, ASAP. I have a list of posts that need to happen, eventually, but this is a pressing matter and I have to get it out of my head.  After completing my Whole30 in January (check out my Whole30 diary here), I adopted a food log back into my life.  I hadn’t weighed or logged my food in, well, almost a year, so why did I pick it back up?  I was beginning a new fitness program that included nutrition and diet advice to assist me in leaning out and it was highly recommended that I measure and log everything that went into my mouth.  I didn’t moan or groan about this because this is what I used to do, for years and years of my life.  Not a morsel went into my mouth without me logging it.  It was religious. Continue reading


paleo coconut cacao mug cake

paleo coconut cacao mug cake | Journey for Jessi

Hi.  Hello.  Howdy.  It’s me, Emily.  Emily the author, the blogger on here.  The inconsistent blogger of Journey for Jessi.  I was doing so well guys, with the whole blogging on the regular thing.  Life happens though, the wheels fall off.  I was taking a vacation (I wish a real one with palm trees and sandy beaches and all…)  I am not going to lie and say things have been “super duper,” (see last post about honesty), but things have been getting better.  Okay, enough on that topic.  This post is meant to be a quickie recipe to get me back into the groove–I give you the paleo coconut cacao mug cake! Continue reading

zak detox deodorant

zak detox deodorant | Journey for Jessi
Get buckled up for some real talk about my ongoing deodorant hunt and some TMI about my underarms.  I have been on a quest for a natural deodorant now for months.  All of them resulted in me going back to my aluminum-filled, pore-blocking paste that is my clinical strength sport deodorant–it’s a love-hate relationship.  So when Zak Detox Deodorant contacting me about giving their deodorant a try just out of the blue, I knew I had to jump on the chance.  “This could be the one,” I thought, and happily got in touch with this small local (Colorado proud) company. Continue reading