more than a cupcake


I posted this on my Instagram (@emvalerioti) a few weeks ago.  It was a huge moment for me, one that I am still proud of.  It also is so prominent because Melissa Hartwig, Whole30 headmistress herself, gave me positive affirmations on my food freedom story, and approved of my selection of cupcake with the “proper cupcake to frosting ratio.”  Love. Love.  Love.  I don’t have celeb crushes really, Robert Downey Jr. aside, but I do have some serious author/blogger crushes.  Melissa being one of them.  Keep reading to read my original post on Instagram, word for word and see a pic of when I met Melissa two months ago, eep!

Original post from @emvalerioti on Instagram February 16, 2017:

“What you see before you is a gluten-free chocolate cupcake—my favorite kind of cake combo, and here is the story behind it:

I have been CRAVING a GF chocolate cupcake for a MONTH now, not kidding, and my local cupcakery only has one GF flavor on Tuesdays and Thursdays. It’s always a surprise. Fun right? Not when you have become so in tune with your body and cravings that you know that nothing else will appease your craving than a CHOCOLATE cupcake.

So I waited. Waited like the crazy cupcake person I am making myself out to be in the tale. Waited, but still no chocolate.

Sure, I could have made some myself, but I only wanted ONE. I knew that. That’s all it would take to satisfy myself. So I waited. And waited.

Until today. Today was the day. I have officially reached cupcake bliss.

This may seem like a crazy “why is she making this such a big deal” kind of story, but to me, it’s so much more.

This was the ultimate tale of Food Freedom for me. To be so aware of what I wanted for the sole purpose of purely wanting a cupcake. Not because I had a bad day. Not because I worked my booty off at the gym. Because I knew it would be worth it. Just the fact that I waited told me it was worth it. The fact that I knew it would just take one cupcake to make me satisfied and not a whole dozen plus the battered spoon.

So here it is, the crazy cupcake story that brought me so much joy and freedom. It’s been a long and continuing journey, but one well worth it.”

not just a cupcake | Journey for Jessi

peace & love



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