rest the body, rest the soul

rest the body, rest the soul | Journey for Jessi

Whoa.  Last week was a whirlwind for me.  My routine got shaken up as I begun a new job last week.  It was time for a new rhythm though.  I like routine, but yawn… I like my routine in intervals, i.e. mix it up a bit, then get into a groove, then add or subtract a variable, etc.  This is how I grow.  Stagnancy is never a good thing for me.  That being said, last week was all over the place.  I felt emotionally and physically drained.  My soul needed stillness.  So, what did I do?  I listened.

I tuned into my body and knew I needed more sleep versus waking up even earlier than the crack of dawn just to be able to hit my CrossFit gym.  I think I only went once last week to CrossFit, not including the Open WOD Friday evening.  I did get a few easy workouts in at the student Rec center after the body, rest the soul | Journey for Jessi

I did not want to push myself over the edge.  I knew if I pushed myself to workout hard on five or less hours of sleep, poor nutrition and high stress, my body and mental state would take a lot longer than a week to recover.  Trust me, I’ve been there.  It is not fun.  (See posts from a year ago…)

Lately, the stressors have still been present, but I am handling it much better physically and spiritually.  How?  I have a plan before the stress hits hard.  I encourage you to have a plan too, because in the moment, everything seems upside down and autopilot seems to be the best/easiest choice.  Funny how those don’t always go hand-in-hand.

Having a stressful week?  Take my advice: JUST CHILL!

If you want more guidance on an action plan, feel free to borrow some of my tips:

  • Get sleep- 6-8 hours; I won’t even workout if I get less than 6 hours
  • Vitamin C- my immune system is compromised in high stress situations, a little extra vitamin C helps keep my system healthier
  • Water- need I say more?  Often times, when I’m tired, I just need more water, or a nap… and with that being said…
  • Naps- this one is personal choice, naps aren’t for everyone, but I am a master of the power nap; No alarms needed, my body just wakes up after 20 minutes feeling refreshed and ready to go!
  • Meditation- silence the mind
  • Yoga
  • Don’t fall for “easy” junk food fixes for a meal- eat greens and protein!  If you know you are about to have a rough week, try meal prepping the weekend before.
  • Say “No”- don’t overload the schedule more than necessary.  Prioritize the “yeses”
  • Tea- nothing calms me more than tea

Oh!  This week I also received my acupressure mat!  I have been spending some minutes on it this week before bed and in times of high stress.  20 minutes on this puppy and I felt so relaxed.  I will do another post on acupressure and acupuncture in the future as I learn and experiment more, so stay the body, rest the soul | Journey for Jessi

What are your go-to’s when managing and coping with stress?

peace & love,



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