start those resolutions, now!

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You call them resolutions, I call them my “New Year’s Intentions.”

Potâto, potāto. Let’s call the whole thing off–wait no, don’t do that.  I want to keep with my intentions, and I know you want to keep with your resolutions this year too.  Unfortunately, the majority of people drop off from their new year resolutions, even as soon as January.

I say, let’s be in the rough 8% that carry out their intentions/resolutions/goals this year.  We can do it! And here’s how, start NOW!

That’s right, now.  In December.  Why?  Because the sooner you make change a habit and a part of your life style, the better chance your intention has of sticking for the long haul.

Also, think about this:  if you start now, during the holidays, a.k.a. the toughest time to stick to healthy eating habits, fitness routines, de-stressing, self-loving, etc.  Whatever it may be, if you can establish this new habit into your life now, come January (and all of 2018) it will be a breeze to continue on your new path.

foam rolling| stretching | mobility | Moving Mountains WellnessYou can do this.  And I can too.  I’ve already begun slipping into some of my 2018 intentions like…

  • doing core work every morning
  • running weekly
  • increasing my running endurance
  • eating more mindfully

There are more to come.  I have just been focusing on those and so far, so good!

Stuck on what to add into your new year to come/now?

weightlifting | crossfit | personal record | Moving Mountains WellnessHere is a list of things to help set some goals/intentions/resolutions:

  1. Start big picture.  What do you want to accomplish long term?
    • Example: Being able to run longer distances again.
  2. Set some number to that goal, something you can measure.
    •  Example: Being able to run 6 miles.
  3. Now scale that down.  Ask, how can you achieve said goal?
    • Example: I can build up my endurance by running smaller distances regularly and build over time.
  4. Set some number to that goal.
    • Example: Run 1 mile every week.

Boom.  You have a goal formula.

My intention is to be able to run longer distances again without feeling like dying.  Why? I used to really enjoy it.  I felt free and it was good meditation for me.  What would be a reasonable distance to run that I think I could accomplish?  6 miles.  It’s longer than I can run right now, and I know that 6 miles was always a good distance for me.  How will I get there?  Run once a week.  Right now it doesn’t matter how far.  Just run.

My goal is a SMART goal.  Specific. Measurable. Achievable. Relevant. Time-bound.

Now start getting after your resolutions!


What are your thoughts?

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