new year the whole30 way | day one

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I am doing the January Whole30 reset.  Two years ago, I did a Paleo Challenge that sort of morphed into a Whole30.  I didn’t do my research.  I was new to it all.  I begun with paleo and as I did more research, I stumbled upon the Whole30 and began following the program then.  I slipped a few times, I cut it a day short, I didn’t scrutinize labels… It wasn’t really a Whole30 at all, which brings me to now.

I know my stuff now.  I know what’s compliant.  I have read allllll the books.  I have a support team and Whole30 buddies along with me.  I am ready to go!

I am in the excited stage of my Whole30.  Here I sit typing.  Day one.

I plan on documenting my experiences here, much like last time, only this time, I promise to be compliant.

As the program states…

no cheats, slips, or “special occasions.”

whole30 | paleo | health | new year | resolutions | Moving Mountains WellnessI am here for the long haul–er, I mean, 30 days.  And they will be long days indeed.

I am already hungry.  My head already hurts (maybe my lack of caffeine…).

I did workout this morning, which probably explains my hunger.   Sweet potato me please…

I figured while I am excited with more willpower on day one, I will write a list of why I’m doing the Whole30 and what I hope to gain in a collective list.  I highly recommend this for day 25, you can go back to it and get re-inspired.

Reasons Why I am on Whole30

  1. My “sugar dragon” has been burning down the town again.  And by town I mean my body.  I want to slay my dragon again.
  2. Food.  Freedom.  Forever.
  3. More energy please.
  4. My knees has been creaking and popping.  That’s never happened.
  5. Acne.
  6. Glowy skin.
  7. Greater self-love.  Feed and nourish this only body my soul has to live in.
  8. Get back to healthy habits.
  9. Remember what health feels like.

Day One Meals:

  • Breakfast: spinach/mushroom/leek Fritatta, 1/4 grapefruit
  • Lunch: tuna, carrots, baby tomatos
  • Snack: tea, almonds, banana
  • Dinner: vegetable chicken chili
  • Snack: orange

What are your thoughts?

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