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Cheers!  Today marks two week into my Whole30.  Yes, I am still rocking and rolling along.  I stopped the everyday updates.  The days started running together and there wasn’t much to update daily.  So here I am.  I do have a few tips and tricks I have learned along the way to make things go a bit more smooth during this journey.

Before I get into my tips and tricks, shout out to my best friend and her boyfriend as they start their first Whole30 today!  Woo!

Tips & Tricks

  • Always keep emergency snacks with you on-the-go.  My favorites include:
    • Epic bars, olives, almond butter packets, carrots, and apple.
  • Don’t be afraid to ASK.  Ask your waitress/waiter about ingredients.  Ask the barista if you can read the ingredients on their coconut/almond milk (or bring your own).  Ask the host of a party if you can help out and bring a dish (compliant of course, but they don’t have to know ;)).
  • My out to eat go to orders:
    • Breakfast: 2 poached eggs, side of avocado, little bowl of fruit
    • Lunch: Salad with lots of veggies, olives, grilled chicken, with olive oil and lemon wedges.
    • Dinner: Bunless burger (some places offer a lettuce wrap) with no cheese or sauce and a side salad instead of chips/fries.
  • BYOSP.  Bring your own sparkling water.  It’s okay to be social!  I am in my mid-twenties living in a college town home to a hundred microbreweries and big guys like New Belgium Brewing and Odell’s.  It’s typical to socialize with friends and just hang out at a brewery.  You can go!  Bring a can of LaCroix or my favorite, Spindrift.
  • Try new recipes!  Fight boredom!
  • It’s okay to have “non-breakfast” foods for breakfast.  Salads, steak, salmon, broccoli, etc.

I hope these tricks can help you rock the rest of your Whole 30!


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