meal preppin’ once again

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After much back and forth {and to be honest laziness}, I decided it was time to meal prep for the week once again.  This has been a back and forth relationship indeed.  I used to go over the top with the prep and it ended up stressing me out–not the end goal.  After trial and error, I’ve found the best way for me, and here is how it goes…

I pick TWO recipes out to make, either new from a cookbook or Pinterest, or one of my own {usually more simple in that case}.  There is always one for dinner included in that because it is what I struggle with most to keep on the healthy wagon.  You know, it’s the end of the day, you’re exhausted and just want to grab the chips and salsa or a handle full of nuts and a few slices of deli meat… or let’s be honest, the chocolate–yum!  Yum, but not good for my bum.

Then, I make those recipes!  This is why I limit it to two recipes, so it doesn’t take alllll day.  I have been there, done that.  My third meal, either breakfast or lunch, I still prepare, but it’s usually something easy like a salad, smoothie, boiled eggs or a breakfast hash.  Something that doesn’t take a lot of prep that can usually be made in one dish.

After everything is made, I portion it all out into containers to store for the week and keep in my fridge.  This way, when I get home, it’s  like going to the store and getting a pre-made meal minus the going to the store part.  Hey, I will probably save a buck or two with this as well.  Win-win.

This week, I make Juli Bauer fro Paleomg’s paleo Breakfast Tacos and her Simple Beef Stir-Fry.  Then for lunch or dinner {depending on when I eat the stir-fry}, I have salad supplies and smoothie stuff.  I prefer a smoothie if I worked out before hand.  Like last night I went on a walk that turned into a run, and just made a smoothie for dinner with lots of protein, a bit of healthy fat, and carbohydrates in the form of fruit.  Oh yeah, and don’t forget the greens!  A handle of spinach will do the trick!

Do you meal prep? Tell me about your experiences!  The fails, what has worked for you, why you don’t etc.




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