slow and steady

It’s a new year. Again. Does anyone else feel like they should stay the same age this year’s birthday? Can I turn 26 again in 2021? 2020 was a limbo year. When 2021 hit, like most others, I set some new year intentions. Also like most others, one of those intentions is to lose some weight and gain some strength. Ground-breaking, right? This time felt and is different though. I didn’t set a date that revolved around me being in a swim suit. I didn’t start January off with a Whole30 or cut out sugar, although I almost started a Whole30. So what’s changed? Why is this time different? Why is this year, really the year I get healthier again?

Well, my head is level. I have realistic expectations of myself. I know it’s possible to get where I want to go because I’ve been there before. But I also know, it’s going to take TIME. Yuck. I know. But, it’s true. I had to accept that my healthy habits have declined over the course of 1-2 years, so that’s my timeline to get them back. That’s how I set my goal timeline. It’s realistic, doesn’t feel overwhelming and it means I don’t have to drastically change everything this second. I didn’t go from working out everyday, lifting heavy things, and eating protein and greens to taking most days as “rest” days, watching Netflix, and letting gluten and dairy into my daily diet overnight.

No. Those things happened over two years and in two years, I plan to have my healthy habits back.

So what does this month look like to set myself up for success?

Well, like I mentioned, I am NOT doing a Whole30 or cutting out sugar, etc. Not to say these things aren’t helpful tools and resets for some, but I’ve done several Whole30s and cut out sugar, etc. challenges. In fact, I spend a few Januarys blogging my Whole30 journey that you can read about in the diets – Whole30 tab in the menu. In fact, the co-creator of Whole30, Melissa Urban doesn’t even do Whole30s every January, because she doesn’t NEED them every year. I’ve had established healthy habits before and I can get them back again.

My day-to-day to get back to my healthier self currently looks like this:

  • I am only having one cup of coffee a day to keep my anxiety in check.
  • I take a multi vitamin and magnesium daily.
  • I am getting up slightly earlier every day and getting dressed as soon as I wake up.
  • I drink water before having my coffee.
  • I set my movement schedule for the week which has been looking like 2 days of yoga per week, 1-2 long walks a week, and 3-5 days of strength training a week.
  • I make more meals at home.
  • I use leftovers for breakfasts and lunches.
  • I started loosely tracking my food again.
  • Getting 120g of protein daily.

These are all attainable goals for ME right now. They revolve around habits I currently have, with a slight modification/level up. For example, waking up at 7:45am instead of 8am, have one cup of coffee instead of two, doing yoga twice a week instead of one, etc. These level ups help me build better habits one step at a time because the base is there.

What do your goals and timeline look like this year?


What are your thoughts?

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