summer of wellnesss

summer of wellness | Moving Mountains Wellness | muscle | training | weightless | fat loss

My oh my, where has the summer gone?  It’s officially fall here in Colorado.  The weather has been cooler, a slight breeze to the air, and sweater and boot season is upon us.  I am happy fall is here.  For me, seasons are a time of change and renewal.  Fall for me is a time when I start to calm down, slow down and streamline a lot of the business in my life.

But enough of fall, for now.

What have I been up to this summer?


This summer, I really got back into myself–my fitness, my nutrition, my happiness and my growth.

It always happens when I don’t force it.  Little changes over time and CONSISTENCY.  I started making better food choices, like cutting out the “healthy” ice cream after every dinner.  I was consistent in my workouts and really scheduled them in.

summer of wellness | Moving Mountains Wellness | yoga | muscle | training | weightless | fat loss

With these changes, my mind began to shift.  I felt healthier in my mind, and not just my body.  I started to appreciate what my body could do and, therefore, wanted to treat it better.  I shifted my priorities–not just to “better” food, but bettering my relationships.  I focused on building my friendships back up, because for me, my relationships and how lonely I feel, directly reflects how I am in my workout and my nutrition.

As fall approaches, I hope to keep up this new shift in my well-being.  Currently, I am finishing up a big fitness program focusing on heavy lifting and metabolic conditioning.  Once I finish up in a month, I will be shifting more towards yoga and gymnastic-type movements to give my body a rest and a different stimulus.

How was your summer?  Was does fall mean to you and your well-being?



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