cycling and protein

cycling and protein | Journey for JessiI am back in Colorado and back at the Rec!  It takes some getting used to after being at my smaller gym in my hometown.  To me, it is more intimidating with all of the students that pretty much live at the gym.  I know it is silly, but some of those big guys look like they could crush (and I am probably right…)  One of my resolutions though, is to stop being afraid of failure.  I often do not try new things for fear of being made fun of and failing, then being made fun of some more.  But, I know I have already grown a lot this year and I feel more confident–so who really cares anyway if I look like a fool?  It’s my first time and I failure is part of the process of success!  

Yesterday, I did something I have not done in a very long time–indoor cycling class.  Jessi and I used to go together at 7am twice a week and I have not stepped foot in the cycling studio since.  Confession: I still haven’t–but baby steps.  I took over a cycling bike in the corner of the floor and made up my own 45 minute class from some things I learned in all of those classes previously attended.

cycling and protein | Journey for JessiCycle Workout (45 minutes):

♦ 10 minute warm-up with a resistance increase after 5 minutes

♦ sprints: 10 seconds off, 10 second sprint, 20 seconds off, 20 second sprint (repeat for 5 minutes)

♦ climb: find a base resistance increase 2 levels for 30 seconds and back down 1 level for 30 seconds, then up 2 down 1 (repeat for remaining 5 minutes)

♦ standing sprints: increase resistance right below that point you feel you cannot pedal anymore, sprint it out for 30 sec, then increase and stand up to pedal (this makes it easier) **make sure your hips stay back over the “saddle” or seat** (repeat for 5 minutes)

♦ break for 5 minutes at 1-2 levels above base

♦ for the remaining 15 minutes repeat the sequence above

♦ cool down for an extra 5 minutes

After that, I just did a few weight sessions on the floor.

cycling and protein | Journey for JessiOn the way home from the Rec, I stopped at my local Vitamin Shoppe to spend my Healthy Awards from last year.  I stocked up on my Quest Bars!  Yum!

cycling and protein | Journey for JessiBesides bars, I like getting my post-workout protein from smoothies.  This is one I made earlier this week, despite the snow outside.  I love smoothies and not even winter can stop this summer soul from drinking them ;)

Blueberry Protein Smoothie:

♦ ¼ cup frozen blueberries

♦ ½ frozen banana

♦ 1 scoop Vega Smoothie Bodacious Berry powder

♦ 8 oz. water


What do you prefer after a workout for recovery?


What are your thoughts?

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