day five | out & about

 week one: day five | Journey for JessiYesterday wrapped up my day five on this paleo challenge of mine including NO coffee too (to cut back my caffeine after abusing it during finals week).  It did not seem to take me very long to adapt to this program (Whole30). I think the key is to stay busy, occupied, and well-hydrated.
In the morning, I took a trip to the dentist, got another A+ there, then went home where I had to wait an hour to eat due to my fluoride treatment. After I could eat again, I cut up a banana and tossed that, along with some blackberries into some left over coconut milk chia pudding for breakfast. I should’ve taken a picture of it, but I was pretty hungry and scarfed it down.

I spent the afternoon walking and shopping around the mall. For once, jeans shopping proved successful. I usually have the hardest time finding jeans that fit, especially now since my quads and glutes have gotten stronger, BUT don’t worry ladies! It is possible to find well-fitting, cute jeans even if you lift!

For lunch, I had half a leftover hamburger patty and roasted veggies and an orange.

In the evening, I went to Crossfit and WODed for the last time at my home gym for a few months until I visit home again.

I came home, showered, and then went out to dinner with my dear friend and his family. They are always a good time and we were in need of some catching up for certain. I was very good about ordering my spinach salad which included carrots, tomatoes, mushrooms, and pine nuts. I told the waitress “to hold the cheese” and “instead of the dressing I wanted olive oil and lemon wedges.”  Oh yeah, I also added the grilled chicken on top for my protein. The salad was delicious. I was quite pleased with myself for not having any pizza “chips.” (I say chips, but it is really just a pizza cut into small squares with sauce on the side to dip in rather than on the pizza. The chips/pizza debate has been going on in my friend group since 2012 or even before. The debate is still a hot topic hah!)

As day five came to a close, I reflected on how in just five days, I was already feeling more awake, more pleasant, my bloated had all gone away, my headaches were no more, and my cellulite is pretty much gone!  Pretty amazing.  I cannot wait until the full 30 days!  Maybe by then my skin will be cleared up as well!  Only time and sticking to my proper diet can tell.

Have you had any surprising results so far or on any or your paleo challenges or Whole 30s?  I would love to hear about your experiences!

What are your thoughts?

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