day fourteen & fifteen | don’t give up

day fourteen & fifteen | don't give up | Journey for Jessi

Here we go, halfway there.  I have to say that these past two days have been my most difficult personally.  I am admitting this to you all, I almost quit.  Quit not just on the plan, but also just falling off of this day-by-day Whole30 challenge diary I have going here (hence my catching up with a double day post).  But this is what this blog segment is about, keeping a real account of what happens on my personal journey with the Whole30.

It’s not rainbows and butterflies and magically getting healthier, breaking habits, losing weight, etc.  It is about the journey and the temporary sacrifices to get healthier.  To think, I almost lost all my progress and hard work for a spoonful of peanut butter?!?  Holy embarrassment!  Obviously since I’m still here, that didn’t happen.  I did give into my sugar craving with fruit though…  I know what you are thinking if you don’t know about the Whole30, “fruit is healthy, duh!  What a crazy program!”  Let me explain.  This program is more than just eating better.  It’s about building a healthier relationship with food—and trust me, I need that.  So when I am craving sugar, I shouldn’t really be feeding that craving should I?  Even with fruit.  Because my brain knows no differently.   It’ like when a 4 year old throws a tantrum for not getting that toy in the store.  The whole time they are crying and screaming and making a scene.  You hold off for a bit, but in the end, you give in and buy the toy.  The kid takes this as winning and takes note that kicking and screaming gets toys.  Same kinda deal here.

Tomorrow will be a new day.  I know my posts have been saying this often the nut binges,  sugar cravings, etc., but it’s true.  I have to stay positive and get right back on track.  No “punishing” or “making up for the bad behavior.”  The best way to get back on track is to get right back on the norm.  For me, this means snacking less and sticking to my three big, well-rounded meals of meat, veggies and sweet potato on training days.  Tomorrow with be a sweet potato day for sure.  Saturdays are always a big training sesh for me.  I love it.

So here’s to not quitting.  Here’s to continuing to invest in myself.  Here’s to believing in my ability to get back on track.  Here’s to positivity and health.  Cheers!  Made it halfway!


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