opening open day | crossfit & goals

opening open day | crossfit & goals | Journey for Jessi

There is this thing.  It occurs every year, and it happens every week for five weeks beginning the end of February (today) to March.  It is known by those who are familiar with CrossFit as “The Open.”  Dun dun dun… It brings a crazy mix of feelings ranging from fear, excitement, nervousness, motivation, etc.  For those unfamiliar with the CrossFit world, it’s pretty much five surprise workouts announced weekly that brings together the CrossFit community.  It is incredible in that sense.  Community is huge in CrossFit.  Personally speaking, my gym and every coach, member, dog, etc. in it, do not just fall into the category of “fitness,” but also “friendship.”  The Open magnifies this experience globally.  That’s right.  I said, globally

The CrossFit Open is open to well, everyone, across the world.  I can do the same workout as a woman in let’s say… Iceland.  If you are a CrossFitter yourself, you just laughed.  If you are not a CrossFitter, google “CrossFit women of Iceland.”  Same workout, maybe a slight variance in results.

The open is a great thing, regardless of rankings.  It is a measure of your fitness over the years if you have participated in years past, or it the base point if this is your first year.

If you are not familiar with CrossFit, bear with me, the touchy-feely stuff you expect from me is coming.

opening open day | crossfit & goals | Journey for Jessi

My first year of CrossFit performing one of my first “snatches.”

This will be my third open, and it will round up my second official year of my CrossFit journey.  It’s crazy it has only been two years.  Two years, three opens, three competitions, many P.R.s, two perpetually callused hands later… and here I am.

My greatest achievement though, has been getting to know my body and mind better along the way.  These past two years have been a journey for sure.  From feeling on top of the world, to rock bottom and feeling like I had no control of my body (see a few of my last posts before my blogging hiatus),  and here I am now.

opening open day | crossfit & goals | Journey for Jessi

Snatching back in November.  Evolution of myself and the gym.

I have not signed up for The Open this year, nor will I.  It’s like committing a CrossFit sin, right?  No.  I am still doing the workouts.  I am still participating in my gym’s community events.  I am just honoring where I am today in my journey.  During my blogging hiatus (as I am now calling it), I took time to heal.  Heal my body, my mind, and my whole life essentially.

During this process, I took a step, or five, back in CrossFit.  I started scaling more (less weight essentially) and started doing more yoga, dance and bicep curls (no really, isolated glamor muscles movements, I’m doing them).

I have encountered a lot of questions and puzzled remarks.  That’s okay.  I expect no one else to understand, I just have to understand, and I do.  I finally understand my body and mind.  I know what my body and mind wants and needs and how to push myself in a way that allows me to grow and stay happy and healthy.

This is just my personal value, though.  I value health and feeling good over a time on the board or being the strongest woman at my gym.  That doesn’t mean that can’t be your goal though. You go CRUSH that goal, as long as it is authentically your goal.  It’s just not mine and I have never felt more secure in knowing that.

I am still freaking excited for The Open though!  If you are a CrossFitter, I hope you are too!  It’s a super fun thing—and if you end up having to do Toes To Bar one at a time, know that it’s okay.  You don’t have to storm outside and beat yourself up about your performance afterwards… *cough*  Looking at you last-year me!

P.S. Last-year me, I just did EIGHT unbroken Toes To Bar last night.

This-year me is a bada**.

Mic drop.

Happy Open!

Peace & love,



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