frozen: “love is an open door”

This reminded me of Jessi—in so so sooo many ways.  

1.  We both loved Frozen.

2.  It took us forever to see this movie together, so we had to wait until it came out on DVD and we had a movie watching get together with our friends.

3.  Jessi always recorded funny videos of herself singing and being silly on her road trips home and back to school.

All-in-all, this video screams my best friend.  She would have adored it.  This would have been something that I posted on her Facebook wall this summer and texted her about.

I do not think I will ever hear this song in the same note again, but in a very good way.  It has so much meaning now thanks to Todd Stocker and his blog.  I follow him because I knew his daughter Makenzie and danced with her.  He recently wrote a post about this song/video in which he relates the lyrics “love is an open door” back to God and Christ.  Jessi would have loved this even more, as I now do.  

He refers back to the fact that “In Christ, we find our place.  In Christ, we see God’s face.  We say goodbye to the past… He wipes away every tear.”

It really hit home for me, thank you Mr. Stocker.  

Visit him here at

What are your thoughts?

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