day twenty, -one, -two & -three | all float on

day twenty, -one, -two & -three | all float on
Can you tell it was the first week back to class?  Was it my lack of posting that gave it away?  Sorry about that.  It was a busy, but awesome, week.  My classes are fantastic, I have more time to focus on myself as well this semester too.  I know that this semester is my prime time to get my nutrition and training where I have been wanting it to be.  I just have to want the struggle bad enough.  

Day twenty, twenty-one, twenty-two, and twenty-three, well, they all seem the same now in terms of the Whole30.  It all seems second nature to me now and I cannot wait to crank through this last week.  I definitely plan on doing another Whole30, maybe May or June to kickstart summer?  I don’t know when though, but I know I will do it again.  This time follow the rules to a tee.

Yes.  Yes, I am admitting that I let a few strict rules slip.  These occurred by accident really.  When I first started this adventure, I originally planned on just doing a Paleo challenge, then I figured, why not go for the Whole30?  So I did.  I was reading the book and the official rules on this journey.  That’s when I realized that I had already managed to negate the process.  I decided to continue on though because it’s better than nothing right?

I know it’s killing you to learn what I did wrong.  NO.  I didn’t scarf down brownies or go out partying… Just a few additives that managed to sneak up…

  • Day One: (I even admitted this in my day one post.)  I had one  black-eyed pea.  It’s tradition in my family for New Year’s day.  Bring the good luck and such for 2016, but that was strike one.
  • Carrageenan: an additive extracted from seaweed commonly found in deli meats.  You got me there.  I was snacking on “natural hormone free” deli meat, but later when I learned about the negative effect of carrageenan, I discovered it was in my deli meat… strike two.

  • Not reading ingredients:  I was starving after work one day.  I had to go to Walgreens anyway to pick up school supplies and grabbled a bag of roasted cashews. I then ate the cashews.  Then I read the ingredients… behold… peanut oil and soybean oil.  Oy vey… That one was 100% my fault.  I was careless.  Strike three.  I’m out.

Now I know from reading the book that Melissa recommends started over after a slip.  No matter how tiny.  Otherwise you can’t blame the Whole30 for not accomplishing what it is set out to do (cure inflammation, cravings, and such).  I don’t blame Whole30 though, because I know this one is on me.  I didn’t start over or give up though, because following the rules (the big ones) really helped get me on the right track and start over health wise this year.  That is an accomplishment all in itself for me.

Here’s my plan:

My “Whole30” is almost over.  Less than one week to go.  I am going to follow it to a tee.  Reading my ingredients and eating whole real foods.  January will be deemed my month committed to eating real foods with no weighing or measuring.

This is a good plan for me because I made it and I know I will stick to this.  I feel happy about it.  In fact, I don’t even feel disappointed in my “failure” of my first Whole30 because it’s not a failure.  It was quite a success in my eyes.  I ate real foods for a month, killed my sugar addiction, and got more in sync with my body.  Wow!  It motivated me to do another Whole30 later on.  The real way.  The right way.

Here’s to “failures.”  They always seem to inspire me to be a better, motivated individual. They keep me striving for success.


What are your thoughts?

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