night vision

night vision | Journey for Jessi

It’s now 2am.  Sleep still eludes me.  Again.  Part of my ongoing health saga of 2016… Well in seven hours, I will be seeing another doctor.  That makes three doctors in less than one week.  Getting ridiculous?  Don’t have to tell that to me.  Hopefully this doc will be able to provide me with more insight and detail since she is an endocrinologist.  Basically, it’s been “narrowed” down to a hormonal issue.  Simple right?  {Please catch on to this sarcasm.}  I am hopeful though.  This appointment wasn’t supposed to be until August, but due to my recent lymph node flare up, I got bumped up on the list.  For that I am grateful.  Anyway, while I haven’t been able to fall asleep lately, I have had plenty of time for other things.

night vision | Journey for Jessi

Did I start teaching myself to play the guitar after 11 years of owning a guitar?  Yup.  Thanks insomnia.  I am prepping myself for actual lessons to come {shout out to Kent for accepting the challenge} because while I surprised myself by be able to teach myself, I am not reliable.  I have too many specific questions and need the ears of an experienced player.  But for now, I am getting by and finding my voice again.  Bet’cha didn’t know I used to sing.  There was a good run of about 5 years in my elementary school’s choir, musical theatre in middle school and shockingly, I was allowed to sing SOLOS for my ballet company’s pre-professional travel group.  Yikes on reminiscing on my singing days.  These days I prefer to sing my soul out in the shower and my favorite, the car.  Nothing is quite as therapeutic as driving with all the windows down jammin’ out.  Not kidding.  I’m that girl sitting next to you at the red light.  Deal with it {feel free to tip}.

Due to my inability to sleep, I’ve been reading books like the wind, catching up on podcasts, cleaning and organizing every crevasse of my room/apartment, blogging, meditating, taking the occasional night run until I got sketched out enough to not do that for a while {mom if you’re reading this: 1. Taser is always handy although I did lose my pepper spray… long story… 2. I have night vision.  3. Love you!}. So while I’m not sleeping my nine hours {RIP} I am using my time wisely, right?

With that, I bid you all good-night? Morning?  You get the picture.  I’m just going to be strumming into the night…

Any tips to fall asleep???


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