cheat days don’t make you fat

cheat days don't make you fat || Journey for JessiYes.  I see you glorious plate of homemade Mary’s Mountain Cookies… Yes.  You did overcome my will power tonight.  Yes.  I am talking to cookies.  So I had an off day today–a “cheat day” if you please.  I am human after all.  A human living in a society filled with yummy goodies and sweets that seem to be at the center of every social event.  Even if that event is a Saturday night at home with the roommates and a friend brings over famously good treats.  This cheat day of mine involved a bite of each type of treat (plus a brownie and cookie quarter), 2 processed protein bars, and milk chocolate (with almonds if that makes it better?)  My cheat day won’t make me “fat,” however unhealthy these items are.  I won’t wake up tomorrow with my 7 pounds of fat back on my body.  It will make me stronger, though.  

What exactly am I talking about?  Well, I don’t eat like this every day (although there was once upon a time).  I actually had a GREAT clean-eating week!  I have felt the best I have physically and internally than I have in a very long time.  One day out of seven is pretty good.  I used to rip myself to pieces when I indulged on the weekend after an amazing week, but now, I still feel in control.  Because I am still in control.  Those “cheats” were only small set-backs in the grand scheme of things.  I am okay because my day was still pretty healthy.  It was about a 70-30 day give or take.  

cheat days don't make you fat || Journey for JessiFor breakfast, I had tea and oatmeal with unsweetened almond milk and cinnamon

cheat days don't make you fat || Journey for JessiI drank plenty of water throughout the day to stay hydrated.

cheat days don't make you fat || Journey for JessiI still ate healthy snacks too, like crinkle carrot chips and hummus.

cheat days don't make you fat || Journey for JessiI also had a nutrient-packed salad for dinner consisting of lettuce, kale, tomatoes, tuna, avocado and carrots dressed with vinegar.  

cheat days don't make you fat || Journey for JessiBONUS!  I also got my remaining steps in for the day AND I “pressed play” on my P90X3, despite the struggles.  I wanted so badly to just skip it for the day, save it for tomorrow.  But, I told myself, “it is just 30 minutes and I did treat myself today.”  Guess what?  I didn’t regret it.  In fact, I worked even harder kicking and punch my way through MMX.  Now, I am feeling fit, not unhealthy like most do during “cheat days.  Cheat days for me now, mean strength.  It takes strength to exercise proper control all the while letting yourself live a little.  I am 100% a sweets gal.  Say “chocolate” and I am there!  Yes, I did indulge and listen a bit too much to my sweet tooth today, but I didn’t devour the entire plate (or even a whole monster cookie).  I tasted each kind, decided on my faves, finished those portions and saved the rest in the freezer for some other time.  Doing this made me in control and feel powerful because I said “no more.”  I know my limits.  I know that binging on sweets won’t make me feel like eating clean and workout out do.  In fact, “cheating” just reminds me how tired and rundown sugar and fats make me feel: lethargic and not good.  So, the next time I encounter a plate of deliciousness, I will get to choose and be in control again–and maybe the memory of the icky tired feelings after unclean eating will give me the strength to pass on those devilish delights.

cheat days don't make you fat || Journey for Jessi


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