day twenty-seven, -eight & -nine | fueled up

day twenty-seven, -eight & -nine | fueled up | Journey for JessiHappy Friday everyone!  Boy, was it a good great week!  The final week of my Whole30 and I honestly feel on top of the world.  My food has been in control.  I have learned what works for me.  I have my “sugar dragon” under control.  It is pretty amazing, but I will go into further detail in my final Whole30 summary post this weekend—so stay tuned.  As for this week, I’m focusing on my meals, workouts, and recovery sessions.

My workouts have been amazing lately.  You might be thinking, “What does that mean?”  It means that I have had energy before, during, and even after my workout sessions.  Whether it be heavy lifting, speedwork, endurance, chippers, AMRAPs, EMOMs, for times… you get it.  I attribute all my energy to sleep and proper fueling.  Fueling in the form of food, naturally.  Tons of veggies and protein and healthy fats (in the right proportions) really make all the difference in the twenty-seven, -eight & -nine | fueled up | Journey for JessiThis is what a typical dinner looked like for me this week: Chicken Broccoli Stir-Fry with Cauliflower “Rice” on a bed of cabbage.  It seemed to hit the spot on days with more intense WODs without leaving me stuffed before bed.

day twenty-seven, -eight & -nine | fueled up | Journey for Jessi

With that, I have to say, I really stepped up my intensity level this week on my program.  I was missing that feeling of going hard, sweating, breathing hard, etc.  The feeling that makes me feel alive and powerful and strong.  It’s the feeling I crave, more so than any double fudge brownie with peanut butter chips mixed in…

I was able to achieve closer to my full potential this week because of my food to fuel my body.  I also have been getting the best sleep of my life. Not an exaggeration.  I will add that onto my list of blog post to be done (it’s a lengthy list… I should step my game up).

Anyway… I did it!  30 days of clean eating, food awareness, and figuring out my body and what works best for me.  Don’t worry, those details will be in my finale post.  So come back quick y’all!

What makes you feel alive and strong?


What are your thoughts?

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