snacking on the go

snacking on the go || Journey for JessiYesterday was busy, busy for me.  I woke up at 5:30am to get to my cycling class at 6:30am (it is 100% worth it to me), and I did not get home until 7:30 PM!  Eep!  Thankfully, I am such a planner and I knew it was going to be a looong day on campus, so I was able to pack accordingly.  When I say “pack,”  I, of course, mean food and snacks to keep me going.  I usually like to sit down and enjoy my food without distractions, but sometimes, a girl has to multi-task.  

snacking on the go || Journey for JessiI know I should eat before my early spin class, but last week, I ate two boiled egg whites for breakfast and I feel sick eating that early…  This week, I blended up some Chocolate Vegan Shakeology with half a frozen banana and almond milk.  I stashed it in my gym locker for after my workout this time.  It was a much better choice than last week.  My shake refueled me and gave me energy to power through my two classes before my next break.

snacking on the go || Journey for JessiAfter my Mechatronics class, I headed to the library for my hour break before Organic Chemistry class to study OChem and eat of course.  I packed a medium Granny Smith apple and PB2.

snacking on the go || Journey for JessiDo you see a trend here?  Maybe that I am a huge snacker?  It’s true.  I find I am at my best when I consume many small snacks throughout the day rather than large meals while waiting longer time intervals.  I cannot wait that long.  I start feel shaky and hangry.  No one deserves to talk to me when I am hangry.  It is not pretty, just ask my poor mother…sorry mom…  Anyway, for my next break, I had half a portion of both walnuts and raw cashews.  I love nuts, but I tend to eat them by the handfuls and that is NOT good for me.  So, with the help of the 21 Day Fix color coded containers, I knew I was eating the proper amount of nuts for a snack.  (Just don’t ask what happened after dinner…. I went a bit…nuts on the nuts… oops.)

snacking on the go || Journey for JessiDuring my Fluid Dynamics class, I always snack on veggies and hummus.  My classmates are catching on to my habit and look forward to my willingness to share ;) I can spread the hummus love, it’s okay.

snacking on the go || Journey for JessiFor my last event of the day, a cultural seminar for engineers, I ate a Chia Bar instead of having the provided pizza.  I knew my healthy, vegan dinner waited for me at home.  I will post that recipe later on today!  Thank goodness for my laid back Tuesdays and Thursdays!

What’s your favorite thing to snack on?


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